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This Is The Gin For The New Generation

Some moments are made for drinking gin, especially those that are long and tiring, and those that are spent with friends. There are certain spirits that seem to have the perfect punch of flavor and give your nerves the soothing effect they need. If you’re one of the many people who enjoy a daily glass of this beverage, you’d be happy to know that a gin for the new generation has been crafted to make your night outs a lot more fun and exciting!

Do you have a sweet tooth? You might want to try The BaR Pink Gin. Aside from it being Instagrammable, it also has a burst of berry flavor that makes it taste just as good as it looks!

If you like your gin with a lime twist, The BaR Lime Gin could be the perfect match.


You’d also appreciate the clear Premium Dry Gin for the authentic taste of its botanicals. Drink it neat, mix it with tonic water or your favorite soda, or have it cold for a change.

The Launch Of The BaR Premium Gin at The Island, BGC in photos


The event was hosted by Debbie Then and Nikko Ramos


The Ransom Collective wowed the crowd with their performance



Photos by Vyn Radovan



The BaR Premium Gin is available in 7-Eleven and