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These Versatile Crackers Are All You Need To Create Delicious Snacks At Home

It’s time to get creative and think out of the box with Tiger Crackers!

Even before this stay-at-home situation confined us within our safe spaces at home, we’ve always had a love for food. No matter where we are, having something to munch on is not just a filling and satisfying activity—it also adds fun and excitement to our daily lives. Looking forward to mealtimes and snacking is definitely a reason to get up and face the day!

With all our time spent indoors, the kitchen has become a sanctuary for most. Newbie kitchen warriors have improved their skills; the house’s appointed chef has polished and mastered the art of creating delicious dishes everyone will enjoy. No matter what level you are in the kitchen, there’s no doubt that more and more people are finetuning their kitchen prowess and getting more creative with their ingredients.

Case in point: Elevating the snacking experience with basic pantry items to have a Food Trip na Good Trip! Whenever you’re feeling a bit adventurous and thinking of either a sweet or savory recipe, you can easily turn to the new Tiger Crackers which comes in delicious Filipino flavors: Leche Flan and Ensaymada, and in crispy-sarap Plain flavor

Mango hazelnut pizza

Missing outside food is now a thing of the past, as you can easily recreate your favorite food right at home! Tiger Crackers is a great and versatile product, and its variety of flavors offer an assortment of recipes you can make out of it.

Think of its plain variant as a blank canvas with a crispy texture that melts in your mouth—an addictive addition to your plain ol’ nachos! The ensaymada version, on the other hand, is a delectable layer of buttery cheesy sweet goodness, which can perfectly enhance a banoffee pie. And finally, the leche flan flavor is a smooth and creamy piece with the taste of caramelized sugar, milk, and eggs playing in your mouth. Using it for your next dessert pizza sure sounds appetizing!


And while the snack is already yummy on its own, there is a wide array of other recipes where you can incorporate Tiger Crackers—all you need to do is bring out your unique kitchen flair and think out of the box. Having it in your menu won’t make you feel guilty, too, as each pack of three crackers contains only 120 calories!

With Tiger Crackers, you’ll always be assured of a ‘Food Trip na Good Trip,’ even when you’re just staying isolated from the rest of the world, available at supermarkets nationwide and even online!