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THE ULTIMATE LIST: The Tin Can Dessert Craze Is Real And Still Going Strong—Try 6 Of Our Faves

Social media does wonders for hyping things up—clothes, experience, or food—when a lot of people post about one thing, it's bound to pique your interest. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when they started making the social media rounds, but there they were on Instagram—sweet and tasty treats packaged in rose gold tin cans. From chocolate cake to crème brulee, we’ve gathered a sampling of the best tin can desserts you can find around the Metro.


Le Sucré Lab

Photo by Marie Francia


We finally gave in to “The Original Gooey Chocolate Cake” we’ve been seeing on almost everybody’s Facebook and Instagram posts lately. Yes, we’re talking about Le Sucré Lab’s best-selling Chocolate Dream Cake. Crack open the can and get ready for a chocolate overload. Once you get past the top layer of hardened chocolate sprinkled with bittersweet cocoa powder, brace yourself for a thick layer of fudgy chocolate ganache and moist cake. While it may be loaded with layers of chocolate, each spoonful goes down rich, smooth, and will only leave you asking for more.


Goddess by Delight


Photo by Marie Francia


The Crème Brulee Cheesecake is a popular Goddess by Delight offering, and ideal for those who want two desserts in one. The rich custard base is made even creamier and more indulgent with the addition of the cheesecake and a perfectly toasted caramel shell on top. Customers based in Metro Manila can actually order this and have it delivered on the same day. If cheesecake isn’t your thing, the chocolate cake is delicious as well.


Chocoliquor Cakes by Maricar


Julia Child once said that a party without cake is just a meeting. And so to add a little more life to the party, why not serve up a spiked chocolate cake! Chocoliquor Cakes by Maricar aims to delight customers with the sweet spiked indulgence that this chocolate cake brings. It took Maricar Reyes-Poon months and months to perfect her alcohol-infused chocolate cake that’s made with rich dark chocolate. She uses red wine which has less alcohol content than that of a fruit cake, the better to highlight the chocolate flavor.


Hey Sugar Dough


One order gives you a dozen hand-baked, soft and chewy cookies that can be delivered on the same day for Metro Manila consumers. Available are Coconut Butterscotch Cookies, White Chocolate Cookies, and Hey Sugar Dough Bites—a delicious assortment of up to 30 white and dark chocolate bites in a can. The health-conscious set won’t be left out as Hey Sugar Dough also carries a keto-friendly range of goodies like Fiber Bread and Cream Cheese Brownies that are sugar-free and gluten-free, too.


Cakes by Alyanna



Known for her personalized cakes for just any occasion, Cakes by Alyanna’s six-layer chocolate cake from Antipolo has been selling like pancakes. Despite a lead time of three days after ordering, the mix of chocolate shavings, bittersweet cocoa powder, and velvety layers of chocolate ensure it’s worth the wait.


The Plaza Signature Chocolate Cake



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A very new addition to our tin can dessert list is The Plaza Signature Chocolate Cake. Crafted by the chefs of The Plaza in Balanga, Bataan, this creamy and milky layered chocolate cake is made of dark chocolate ganache, followed by a rich chocolate cake, topped with luscious chocolate custard, and hardened chocolate that you can crack and nibble on, dusted with some cocoa powder. This sweet treat comes in three sizes, by pint, medium and large.