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Tokyo Tokyo Just Launched Their Newest Lifestyle Concept Store And It’s Definitely Kawaii!

Stripped off from its usual fast food dining setting, the famous Japanese restaurant Tokyo Tokyo just got a total revamp. Hand-painted walls, dining stalls that are fashioned like an actual Japan street-style dining experience, and an exclusive menu offering—all these can be found at their first-ever lifestyle concept store in Trinoma. Filled with elaborate details, anyone can instantly feel like they’re in Tokyo once they set foot inside the flagship store.

The new look and feel was conceptualized and meticulously brought to life by renowned and multi-awarded Architect and Interior Designer, James JJ Acuna of JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio. “This new concept can be seen as a next generation version of Tokyo Tokyo. It perfectly represents the modernization of the brand, while still honoring its Japanese inspirations in a big way,” shared Acuna. “The store look and feel is romanticized through intricate design details and elements which hark back to the iconic street food culture of Japan.”

The special menu that’s exclusive for the concept store, on the other hand, includes Tempura Dragon Maki—a classic prawn Tempura wrapped in a traditional sushi roll, Crazy Kani Maki—your favorite California Maki topped with Kani salad, and Waffle Sundae Bowls that’ll surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

“From its inception, Tokyo Tokyo has always been a pioneer in masterfully integrating traditional and modern Japanese elements to create signature meals that satisfy the taste of every Filipino, elevating their dining experiences to a whole new level,” said Natalie Perez, Tokyo Tokyo’s Vice President for Marketing. “With more than 60 store locations nationwide and counting, our goal is to eventually have every Tokyo Tokyo restaurant redesigned to match the fresh, new look,” added Perez.

Take a look around the newly launched store through this gallery of photos.