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Where Matteo Guidicelli And Chef Margarita Forés Eat When In Milan, Italy

Lost in Milan? Then eat!

There is nothing better than to eat your heart out when in Milan, home to rich Milanese cuisine. Since Milan is one of Italy’s more affluent cities, the dishes reflect the luxurious taste of its upper class.

But don’t let the affluent food intimidate you. In fact, in Milan, it’s all about simple dishes that let the quality of the ingredients shine. This is the secret to truly good and delicious Milanese food.

Here’s a fool-proof guide to having the best that Milan has to offer according to Crawl Italy buddies Matteo Guidicelli and Chef Margarita Forés.


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Pizzeria Gino Sorbino

When one thinks of Italian cuisine, one of the very first things that come to mind is pizza. Taste only the best pizza in the whole of Milan at Gino Sorbino, home of Neapolitan tradition and gigantic mozzarella!

Before digging into your pizza, make sure to order the Mozzarella di buffalo, which is a half kilo of mozzarella drizzled with olive oil in a bed of juicy tomatoes.


And for Matteo and Chef Margarita’s pizza recommendations, get the Margherita con prosciutto crudo and the Pizza Lombardia. Both pizzas are light and simple, enabling the beautiful ingredients to give the flavor and pizzazz to the dish.



A little tidbit about how Italians eat their pizza: they grab a slice with the fork, and then use their hand to fold it in half and eat.



Venchi Milano

Venchi’s roots date way back to 1878, when chocolatier Silvano Venchi founded what is now one of the world’s famous Italian gourmet chocolates. Ideally located between Duomo Cathedral and Sforza Castle for a sight-seeing break, Venchi is where you should go for a chocolate snack and authentic gelato.



When at Venchi, grab a cup of their custard gelato, Chef Margarita’s favorite flavor.




Dried fruits and nuts are popular snacks in Italy. And what’s great about these are they make for a healthier alternative to your usual sweets and salty chips. When in Milano, drop by the world-famous Noberasco, where they host a selection of classic and exotic dried fruits and nuts.



Noberasco started its operations way back in 1908 and they have over 100 stores all over the world, so you are sure that they really know what they’re doing when it comes to fruit and nut snacks.



Terrazza Aperol

Aperitivo is an age-old tradition of “pre-meal drink” in Italy, a way of drinking before dinner to sort of whet the appetite and hang out with your friends after a stressful day of work. This is why Matteo and Chef Margarita, of course, don’t skip the Aperitivo and head to Terrazza Aperol for a round of drinks.



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Apart from the great selection of drinks at Terrazza Aperol, one of the best reasons to head there as the clock strikes six is the beautiful view of the Duomo di Milano or the Milan Cathedral that starts to light up at night. It both makes for a romantic evening when you’re out with a lover, or a laid-back place to enjoy when with friends.



Ristorante Alla Cucina delle Langhe

This restaurant is a secret place frequented by Chef Margarita when she was still based in Italy. She says that the menu has never changed in the last 30 years that’s why it always feels like coming home when she goes to the ristorante.

The Alla Cucina delle Langhe is already an institution in Milan, and is the place to go for all the must-try dishes and iconic Milanese food. The interiors of the restaurant may look simple, but all the excitement and glamor that their interior lacks is made up for by their amazing food.



Ragù, for example, is an excellent dish to try in Alla Cucina delle Langhe. Ragù is a meat-based sauce that is commonly served with thin handmade pasta, and it’s one of Matteo’s favorite Italian dishes that he even named his dog Ragù!



Is Alla Cucina delle Langhe’s ragù worth the hype? Well, Matteo says it’s the best ragù he’s ever tasted!



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