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The Delivery Pancit Debate: Which Is The Best?

For every occasion—from birthdays to baby showers to despedidas—there is always pancit. These noodles are auspicious for birthdays as they represent long life, and can easily be shared by several people at a time. And for people who can’t stir noodles in a giant kaldero to save their lives, delivery pancit is the next best thing to making something yourself. With easy to remember numbers and the promise of having that sizzling bilao right in your pantry in less than an hour, they’re saviors for every last-minute gatherings at work or at home.

Metro.Style is no stranger to these, so the staff came to lunch with empty stomachs and sharpened critic’s palates to give a verdict on the best delivery pancit.


Susie’s Pancit Malabon

Susie’s Cuisine with its ubiquitous “SC” logo has been consistent on the list of where to stop over in Pampanga, so we’ve been taking advantage of their expansion in Tomas Morato. The pancit is on the sweet side and lacks the usual bells and whistles like chicharon and seafood. It also comes with the garnish on the side so you’re sure to serve it looking fresh.


Price: P700 for the big bilao

Delivery Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour delivery or 15 minutes preparation time then pick-up

Contact number: 0999-9960366

What we love: “I’ll go with Susie’s Pancit Malabon. Because it’s the closest to the best Pancit Malabon I’ve had—which is Nanay’s (that is only available in Malabon and one of Chef Sandy’s recommendation for potlucks).” - Judy Arias, Managing Editor


Susie’s Pancit Palabok

Another must-try is Susie’s Pancit Palabok, which, at first glance might look very similar to the Pancit Malabon except that the noodles are much thinner. Whereas the malabon is much dryer, the palabok is saucier and is made of shrimp broth. Toppings include hard boiled eggs, scallions, and chicharon.


Price: P530 for the small bilao

Delivery Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour delivery or 15 minutes preparation time then pick-up

Contact number: 0999-9960366

What we love: “I’m partial to the slurpy, messy, saucy palabok with shrimp paste, which works really well with calamansi.” - Geolette Esguerra, Editor-in-Chief


BIG 5 Pancit Sisig

Can it get any more meatier than Pancit Sisig? We rang up Big 5 to get their Pancit Sisig to find out. The entire concept is hinged on the look, feel, and texture of sisig so naturally its toppings include pork and chicken.


Price: P750 for the Medium Bilao (good for 8-10pax), with delivery fee of P100

Delivery time: 45mins – 1hour

Contact numbers: 623-5555 / 964-5555

What we love: “I love the crunchy sisig. It complements the bihon perfectly, as it adds an interesting texture to an otherwise plain pancit.” - Grace Libero-Cruz, People And Living Editor

“I like Big 5 because the sisig topping complemented the pancit really well. It’s something different compared to others since it combines two popular Filipino dishes.” - Cara Tirona, Editorial Assistant


Buddy’s Pancit Lucban

You might know of Buddy’s Restaurant as that establishment nestled between mall stalls that look like it’s having one grand fiesta every day, as it takes cues from the Pahiyas Festival of Lucban, Quezon. You’ll get the same party feeling in your mouth when you try the Pancit Lucban (also known as Pancit Habhab). The secret is is in the mix of ingredients—imagine pouring vinegar and sauce  and mixing it with huge chunks of meat and vegetables.


Price: P630 Bilao (good for 8-10pax) with P50 delivery fee

Delivery time: 45mins – 1hour

Contact numbers: 355-1111 / 355-5555

What we love:

“The noodles aren't soft all the way through and that every serving comes with a great noodle-sauce-nest-veggie ratio. Taste-wise, it's savory and very Filipino, and it's a great push and pull of salty and tangy, depending on how much vinegar you mix in.” - Sara de los Reyes, Digital Content Producer

“It hits so close to home. I love the burst of flavors: Savory, a bit sour, and very Pinoy. It tastes familiar, but not boring. The onion toppings gave it a nice, crunchy touch.” - Hershey Neri, Staff Writer

“I can really taste the balance of flavors and the noodles were cooked just right. You won't miss rice or bread if you have a serving of this, even if you just choose to have the chayote for your topping it still tastes so good.” -Jo Ko, Multimedia Producer


How about you? Which are your favorites? Hit us up with your recommendations!


If you’re ready to take a drive for some pancit hunting, here are some of our other favorite pancit places:


Watch out for our next Food Debate next week!


Photos by Butchie Peña and Hershey Neri