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It's French White Asparagus Season At Old Manila

This seasonal menu is a true celebration of springtime

For over 2,000 years, man has recognized the virtues of white asparagus, prizing its large, tender and delicately-flavored spears as a culinary temptation of unsurpassed value. The temptation continues with the return of the White Asparagus Festival at The Peninsula Manila’s Old Manila restaurant starting April 26, 2024

White asparagus, the “Food of Kings,” returns to Old Manila for a limited season | The Peninsula Manila

Asparagus derives its name from ancient Greek, which means “sprout” or “shoot.” The ancients had long considered the white asparagus — part of the lily family and cousin to the onion, leek , and garlic — a delicacy, but it was the Romans who developed gardening techniques to grow them. They enjoyed them in season and were the first to preserve them by freezing. In fact, so familiar were the characteristics of white asparagus to them that the Emperor Caesar Augustus defined “haste” as “quicker than you can cook a white asparagus.”

Emperors and kings put a high premium on white asparagus, which is why it has always been referred to as the “Food of Kings.” King Louis XIV of France, the Sun King, was so enamored of the tender young spears of white asparagus, harvested as soon as they appear above ground, that he built special greenhouses so he could have a ready supply year-round.

“Fortunately these days you don’t have to be a king to enjoy white asparagus,” says Gaël Kubler, Old Manila Chef de Cuisine. “From April 23rd onwards Old Manila’s seasonal menu will feature white asparagus which we have flown in fresh from France’s Landes region. They are a true celebration of springtime.” 

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White Asparagus Festival is available from April 26 onwards at Old Manila at The Peninsula Manila. Call 02 88872888, ext. 6694 | email | IG: @thepeninsulamanila