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Why The Hyatt Cafe May Very Well Have The Best Buffet In Town

Brunch just might be the most irresistibly perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday. Think eggs Benedict with bellinis, waffles dusted with cinnamon, foie gras and oysters. The beauty of brunch is how it accommodates any dish you might fancy, savory or sweet. Whatever you choose, remember that the secret to the perfect brunch is not excess but quality. And we think the Hyatt Cafe’s Sparkling Sunday Bruch has got it just right. We give you five reasons why.


1. Freshly-shucked French oysters


Not your usual fleshy monsters, these French oysters are smaller, slightly saltier, and so juicy with the fresh, briny flavors of the sea. Fine de Claire oysters are refined in shallow waters for a few months to bring out delicately nutty flavors with incredibly lingering aftertaste. Slurp down a few dozen with just a splash of red vinegar and lemon.


2. Foie gras for breakfast


Why not? These dainty little slabs (they are not tiny servings!) are the ultimate indulgence, prepped a la minute. The chef at hand will delicately sear these beauties before placing them carefully on a baguette, topped with your choice of apple, pineapple or cherry confit. My little secret: ask the chef to quickly cook the bread in the foie gras oil before plating, then sprinkle with candied nuts.


3. The carving station


The selection is so well-curated it’s impossible to pick the star of this buffet. The Spanish Iberico cured ham? The crisp lechon cooked for eight hours till it’s crisp outside, succulent inside? Or The Steamship, a mouthwatering immense slab of Wagyu beef from Snake River Farms, that you can have grilled to your preferred doneness and enjoying with your choice of Bourbon sauce or smokey pepper sauce. Just as delicious, albeit not as spectacular, is the Beef Short Ribs with chimichurri or the Beef Shank in red wine sauce. The carnivore in you will rejoice.


4. Lobsters and other fresh shellfish

Nothing pairs so well with your brunch cocktail as butter-poached, perfectly tender slipper lobsters. After you’ve put a few ounces away, turn your attention to the fine mussels and clams that you can have done to your liking—delicately grilled, baked with cheese, or sautéed in garlic butter.


5. Endless pourings of sparkling chardonnay


It’s not brunch without booze. We adore the free flowing Charles de Fère Chardonnay Brut and select cocktails that you can enjoy for a minimal addition to the buffet rate. Drink till 3 PM and revel in the beauty of a leisurely Sunday.

That’s it. Just five reasons. Because we’re not even going to mention the pizzas that your kids will love, the sushi and sashimi selections, the cheese platter and the excellently rendered prawn tempuras that we need to go back for.



Sunday Brunch is available from 11:30 AM to 3 PM at The Cafe, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila on December 10 and 17, 2017 and will resume on the Sundays of January 2018. For more information, check out or Facebook: HyattCityOfDreamsManila