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Here’s Where To Get Your Paella Fix On World Paella Day

The question about what constitutes an authentic paella can spawn endless debates about proper ingredients, cooking techniques, and cookware. While this contentious issue can be discussed endlessly, what has not changed is how the original Valencia creation remains very much entrenched as a staple in the local culinary scene.

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea recognizes the iconic role this specialty dish has played in the more than 300 years of shared history between the Philippines and Spain and pays homage to it with a 4-day feast beginning on September 20, to coincide with the celebration of World Paella Day, also on September 20.


Three new paellas for World Paella Day


Diners can partake in the festivities by simply adding P300++ to their Salad Room experience, and bask in unlimited servings of paella, in addition to the hearty selection of local and imported produce, charcuterie, cheeses, and fresh seafood which are part of the regular offerings in this Mediterranean-inspired haven.


Make your own salad at Tapenade’s Salad Room


The paella’s popularity stems from an alluring combination of dark, rich, and smoky flavors created with saffron-scented rice, seasonal vegetables, meats, and seafood, to create a delicious and often sublime showpiece that has to be shared with both family and friends.

Discovery Primea’s Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco is once again in his element, as he enthralls more than just the diners’ palates with stirring conversations centered on the variations of this classic rice dish, which displays his bold and deft touch.


Paella al Chilindrón


He reveals the inspirations for the Paella al Chilindrón made with chicken and lamb—an ode to the original paella Valenciana cooked with rabbit and chicken. In deference to the local diners’ taste, he replaced the rabbit with lamb for a savory paella dish that will be remembered even after the last bite.


Paella de Champiñones


Paella de Champiñones ingeniously combines shiitake, Portobello, and button mushrooms for a vegetarian take on the beloved dish. Paella con Jamón, cleverly nicknamed the Christmas paella, evokes all of the festive feelings of the season with slivers of Majestic ham and queso de bola, interwoven with the crisp texture of chickpeas and asparagus for a lovely finish.


Paella con Jamón


Each paella is prepared carefully, cooked over an open flame, and served on the piping hot paellera pan, which ensures an authentic dish down to the flavorful crust of caramelized soccarat at the bottom.

Paella is a convivial way to savor a meal with family and friends, as everyone gets to scoop hefty portions for singular enjoyment. While the dish may have changed over time, there is no doubt that it remains a beloved staple. Wash it down with a refreshing Kalimotxo for a truly Spanish dining experience.


The popular Spanish cocktail, Kalimotxo made with red wine and cola


Food lovers and fans of Spanish fare may enjoy these dishes and more starting September 20, World Paella Day and throughout the whole weekend. The Salad Room with unlimited servings of paella is offered for lunch and dinner at P1,091 nett per person on September 20, and P1,200 nett per person from September 21 to 23. Rates include taxes and service charge.


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