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You Might Just Find True Love in this Exclusive Coffee Shop

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, falling in love in a coffee shop was always the dream. I used to imagine sitting in the corner couch reading a book, and some witty girl would comment something snarky about my book of choice, and annoyance would turn to admiration and the rest is rom-com history.


Maybe it’s movies like Before Sunrise when Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy recreated phone calls they would’ve sent out about meeting somebody, or You’ve Got Mail when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks crossed paths in their local Starbucks not knowing they’ve already breathed the same air as the love of their life. But there was always something about coffee shops in movies that fueled the appeal and presented something very intimate about getting coffee with someone. It was almost essential to the plot of your love life.


Shakerato Bianco Deconstructed


Tall, hot, non-fat—cream, no sugar—black — hearing how someone likes their coffee almost insinuates something… sensual. Almost. In any case, knowing how someone likes their coffee is a tell-tale sign that you are in some kind of a relationship.



And that’s exactly what Starbucks Reserve is selling. It’s not just the coffee, although it’s spectacular. It’s really the possibility of relationships that can be formed with a cup of their premium roast. Whether it’s a more intimate relationship with your coffee ambassador, or it’s a flirtatious encounter with the guy next to you at the bar [yes, it’s a coffee bar]. The aroma alone is enough to fuel either.


Reserve bar, Rockwell


The Reserve bar is a fantastic setting for that serendipitous moment when you meet someone. It’s comfortable not intimidating, and you get to feel that you’re ordering a customized drink because you’re so close to where the action is.


Miguel Bautista - Champion, 2017 Starbucks Philippines Coffee Ambassador's Cup

Vanilla Bean Latte

The ambiance isn’t the only element that contributes to the coziness, but of course, the coffee. They use rare beans to brew these special concoctions for you here at the bar. Reserve coffee comes from smaller plantations, that’s why they are harder to come by. They don’t or they rarely get repeated because it depends on the availability of the beans.



The Jamaica Blue Mountain is by far their most exclusive brew yet. Eighty percent of the harvest of these beans go to Japan and only 20% are distributed worldwide. This bad boy isn’t available to consume in the shop, but you can take it home with you.



So if you’re ready to meet someone, or have the perfect cup of coffee, best to head over to the new wing of the Power Plant at Rockwell Center and spend some time at Starbucks Reserve. You might not know what you’re going to get, but it’s almost guaranteed to be perfect for you anyhow.