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10-Minute Gourmet Pizza Margherita You Can Do At Home

If you could remove one meal from the dine-out list and craft it at home with ease, why not?  One of the easiest stove-free things to make that can be a healthier option as well with fresh ingredients is a homemade pizza.   We spotted a kitchen-tested, concise Pizza Margherita recipe you might just want to try.  The pre-made tortillas here can also be used for wraps and other easy eats.  Preparation with all ingredients ready is about 5 minutes.  Cooking time is about 8 minutes depending on the heat level of your oven toaster. 


Pizza Margherita

Makes 2 solo pizzas




  • fresh or dried basil leaves
  • 2 medium tomatoes, sliced (for a less soggy pizza, remove the seed center from the slices)
  • 2 ready-made tortillas, 6 inches in diameter (Village Gourmet small tortillas fit in medium to large toaster ovens) 
  • 1/3 to 1/2 cup prepared spaghetti sauce 
  • 50 to 75 grams mozzarella cheese, grated
  • 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil, or less
  • Tabasco hot sauce, served on the side



Make sure you have all your ingredients. Find a well-lit space to work in.

Pre-toast tortillas 5 minutes before making the pizza


Dress or brush them with olive oil but don’t soak too much


Add spaghetti sauce and grated mozzarella cheese


Add sliced tomatoes and basil leaves


Add more mozzarella, ham or prosciutto are a nice bonus, too, then sprinkle with olive oil


Preheat oven/oven-toaster to around 200 to 230°C. Bake for 7 to 8 minutes or until cheese has melted


Watch it like a hawk, you want the tortillas to be crisp not burnt


Slice and serve!