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12 Delicious Days of Christmas: This Meatloaf Sandwich Is The Laziest, Easiest Way To Transform Christmas Leftovers Into A Deli Delight

The day after Christmas is the right time to organize a sandwich station with sourdough bread and hefty slices of ham, roast chicken or, in this case, meatloaf

When it's made really well, this ordinary thing called a sandwich can become a work of art. Its basic elements meld together in a balance of textures and flavors. Plus, its a versatile and easy way to deal with leftovers from the noche buena party. The morning after the holiday reunions, when you're feeling too lazy to even fry an egg, why not set up a sandwich station in your kitchen and let everyone make their own lunch? The recipe below is made using leftover Everlasting.

Meatloaf Sandwich | Paola Aseron

Meatloaf Sandwich   

Serves 6

butter, for brushing the bread

12 sourdough bread slices

lettuce, trimmed

6 tomato slices

6 slices cheese

6 slices leftover Everlasting (click here for recipe

Brush bread with softened butter. Arrange lettuce on top of bread then top with tomato, cheese and Everlasting slices. Top with another slice of bread. Serve.

Photography: Paola Aseron

Creative Direction: Butchie Peña

Styling: Tina Concepcion Diaz

Sittings Editor: Troy Barrios

Recipes from FOOD Magazine

Food preparation: Cecille Esperanza