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Salad Ballad

So many salad dressings, so little time! We give you the lowdown on the best salad dressings out there. Best of all: just buy the bottle and pour.

Creamy, Mayo-Based

1) Clara Olé Parmesan Vinaigrette

Budget-friendly and easily available in all major supermarkets, this rich, creamy dressing has a tangy, pleasantly sharp Parmesan flavor and garden fresh herbs. It’s a great alternative to the usual cheese sauce for your pasta and potatoes, or as a dip for your favorite kinds of chips.

2) Kewpie Roasted Sesame Oil Dressing

Tangy, sweet and nutty, this affordable popular Asian mayo-based condiment is great with everything you can think of, from salads, to pastas (and not just of the soba noodle variety), to grilled chicken, and even rice! Available in all major supermarkets

3) Marks and Spencer Creamy Caesar Dressing with Italian Parmesan and Cracked Black Pepper

The Caesar dressing we all know and love, with its use of anchovies and full fat hard cheese, gets a flavorful reboot in this version by Marks and Spencer, with Italian Parmesan and freshly ground black pepper. Available in all Marks and Spencer stores nationwide

Oil-Based Vinaigrettes

1) Whisk Paleo Dressing Balsamic + Roasted Garlic

Made with 100% extra virgin olive oil, it gets its kick from roasted garlic and mustard, and its sweetness from all-natural coconut sugar. Whisk recommends that you try it with romaine lettuce, arugula, goat cheese, dried cranberries and candied walnuts. (0917) 877-1938, (02) 355-9788,, Facebook: ilovewhisk

2) Whisk Thai Dressing

As its name suggests, this dressing is perfect with Asian-style salads (e.g. those that contain pomelo, shrimps, carrots and shallots). Made with cane vinegar, fish sauce, red onions and red bell peppers, plus lemon juice, it’s also excellent when used as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and crab cakes. (0917) 877-1938, (02) 355-9788,, Facebook: ilovewhisk

3) Goodies N’ Sweets Miso Dressing

Yes, we like miso because it lends a certain complexity and Asian touch to dressings. Sesame seeds and sesame oil make Goodies N’ Sweet’s version of this very nutty.  Chef Aileen says that it’s great as a marinade for fish and chicken, and as a sauce for tofu salad and soba noodles too. Facebook: GoodiesNSweets,

Photography by Paulo Valenzuela