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2 Warm Desserts To Keep You Cozy On Cold, Rainy Days And Nights

These are the perfect recipes to learn if you're longing for rich, feel-good desserts

There’s a kind of charm in warm desserts, like these recipes for Molten Brownies witih Marshmallows and Warm Vanilla Bean Soufflé. Eating them feels like a sincere hug, sharing a blanket or the first rays of sun after winter. It is something you would want to share with someone you feel very comfortable with.  It is simple, unpretentious and real.

Molten Brownies with Marshmallows | Paulo Valenzuela

Molten Brownies with Marshmallows

Molten brownies are the ultimate chocolatey indulgence. So decadent and gooey, rich and chewy, you can make a big batch so you can pull one out when you feel like it. To see the recipe, just click here.

Warm Vanilla Bean Soufflé | Paulo Valenzuela

Warm Vanilla Bean Soufflé

This warm soufflé is the most blissful piece of edible comfort you will ever encounter. The fluffy, mousse-like texture, the simple yet sophisticated flavor of vanilla, the way it melts in your mouth. You can already taste it, can't you? To see the recipe, ,just click here.

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Recipes by Pixie Rodrigo Sevilla, Styling by Tina Concepcion Diaz, Photography by Paulo Valenzuela