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10 Best Classic Restaurants To Rediscover In Manila

Handed down like heirlooms, these retro restaurants will give you more than just a meal —they'll take you on a journey back in time!

I wonder how restaurants became “viral” fifty or so years ago. Back in the 1970s, smartphones and the Internet were still in the realm of fantasy, so I’m guessing it was all done by word-of-mouth via good old-fashioned telephones, and the then omnipresent daily newspapers.

The buzz may not have been as immediate as it is these days when “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) is the acronym foodies live by, but that wasn’t really a problem. Restaurants had time to breathe, develop, and mature at their own stately pace. Quality, Service, Ambiance were the essentials to be perfected and polished over time, as there was no race to be the first to be featured on Instagram. And it worked. 

Here are ten restaurants that have become classics. Handed down like heirlooms from one generation to the next, equally beloved by Gen Z and their grandparents alike; these are the most special ones that families keep on coming back to, year after year.

Everybody Comes To Mario's


Everybody Comes To Mario's