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Don't Miss BLK 513's Limited Edition Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Series

The various offerings of their limited edition low-fat frozen yogurt in creamy cocoa are only available every Thursday and Friday until the end of July, so try them now!

BLK 513 is shaking things up with their brand-new guiltless Frozen Yogurt, just in time for their sixth anniversary. They are introducing the first-ever BLK 513 Chocolate Frozen Yogurt, a rich and creamy chocolate frozen yogurt made with real cocoa, low-fat and gluten-free ingredients. This guiltless indulgence is created for all chocolate lovers—it starts with a generous swirl of the frozen chocolate yogurt, complemented with a selection of crunch, sauce and fruit.

This dessert is perfect for beating the heat and satisfying your sweet cravings, all while staying healthy. The first-ever Low-Fat Chocolate Frozen Yogurt in the Philippines, it is lighter than regular ice cream and made from Premium Greek Yogurt with live probiotic cultures.


The Chocolate Frozen Yogurt is available in BLK 513’s Signature Dark Side Cup, which combines a choice of fruit, crunch and sauce; there is also a Deep Dark Secret Cone, which includes a choice of toppings. 

If you prefer to stay at home, you can still enjoy this new offering through the #BLK513Takeout option. Their Chocolate Frozen Yogurt comes in a Do-It-Yourself package: the Frozen Yogurt Picnic Box, which includes frozen yogurt in petite cups, a choice of crunch, fruit and sauce. In addition, they also recently launched the Molten Lava Frozen Yogurt Kit that comes with with a Do-It-Yourself Chocolate Lava Batter, a petite cup of frozen yogurt and choices of fruit and sauce.

Chocolate Frozen Yogurt may also be enjoyed in milkshakes. These Chocolate Milkshakes have flavors that will surely remind you of your childhood favorites: Chocnut Milkshake, Oreo Pie Milkshake, Milo Dino Milkshake, and Champorado Milkshake.

BLK 513’s Limited Edition Chocolate Frozen Yogurt series are available at @blk513ph,, Grab Food, and Food Panda only every Thursday and Friday starting June 4 until the end of July.