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NEW: Where To Find These Mouthwatering Smoky, Street-style Chorizo Sandwiches

You're gonna love 'em

We may be stuck in the longest quarantine in the world, but don’t you love how easy it is to let our tastebuds do the traveling? The Hola Bombón team recently took to the streets of Argentina for culinary inspiration and rediscovered the choripán, the iconic Latin American street food. From this, the Chorichori cloud kitchen was born. 

The choripán is a simple sandwich made with a long bread roll split to hold chorizos grilled over a parilla (open-fire grills) then generously slathered with chimichurri. There’s something irresistible about this combination of smoky, slightly spicy chorizo and its herby, tangy dressing  — which explains why the choripán is so ubiquitous in Argentina. You can find it everywhere from street food stalls to gourmet, fine dining restaurants. It also inspired the first two sandwiches on Chorichori's menu.

The Chori sandwich is made with smoky grilled chorizo cooked into a thick, juicy patty. It's tucked inside a crusty pita pocket, slathered with chimichurri sauce and escabeche aioli, then topped with onion cortido and patatas fritas. The house-made Spanish-style chorizo is made with pure pork with a touch of pimentón dulce and red chili. 

The Criollo is a sandwich made with a criollo sausage patty drizzled with chimichurri and escabeche aioli, and also topped with onion curtido and patatas fritas. The criollo sausages are made in-house of pure pork with fennel, oregano and a hint of nutmeg. 

The sandwiches are perfect with a side of patatas fritas that come with escabeche aioli and signature bravas sauce on the side. 

"Chorichori is born out of a desire to offer delicious comfort food during a time of gastronomic rediscovery," says Hola Bombon's Alberto Sbabo. Right now, the menu consists of just these two sandwiches, but more sandwiches "with all kinds of tastes" are in the works. After all, the team tells me, "There are so many culinary cities we wish to visit. Till then, let your tastebuds do the traveling."

Chorichori's smoky, street-style chorizo sandwiches are now available for delivery. Check out @chori.choriph's Instagram account for details.

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