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The Last Goodbye: Chocolate Kiss To Permanently Close This June

The ride is almost over. Take one last chance to taste your favorite cakes

Was it less than year ago when The Chocolate Kiss Café made the heartbreaking announcement that it would be closing its doors? For 23 years, the beloved restaurant had served as the unofficial heart of the University of the Philippines Diliman community. When the café closed in August last year, we were comforted by the thought that at least we could still order our favorite cakes and pastries from its commissary. But yesterday, the Chocolate Kiss announced it was permanently ceasing operations this month.

In a Facebook post yesterday, owner Ina Flores Pahati explained that with the challenges brought on by the pandemic lockdowns, it was no longer feasible to sustain operations:

“The Chocolate Kiss cakes were born in a home kitchen. Baking and selling them started out as a hobby for its founders, which became a modest side-business come Christmas time. No one planned for this “side-line” to build its own Commissary, nor grow into a 23-year old Café. How far it has come; how much we’ve experienced!

“Now the ride is almost over, and we’re counting down to our last day of selling cakes on June 22.”

The Kiss, as the restaurant was fondly called, had become more than just a restaurant. It was an indelible part of cultural and social fabric of the Diliman community, with many happy memories associated with it. It wasn't unusual to keep coming back for the same meal. For me, it was always Vigan longganisa with fried garlic rice and eggs sunny side up, the gamberi pasta, chicken kiev, the bottomless iced tea where the calamansi seeds inevitably clogged the drinking straws. I was always cheered by the pretty little flowers on each table and the lush green view of the UP campus outside the windows. And of course, who could forget the cakes. 

Said Ms Pahati, "On behalf of everyone who was part of The Chocolate Kiss family, we thank you for making us part of your celebrations, and your lives. We’ve built so many good memories over the years, and we only want to leave you with happy thoughts.”

You can still order The Chocolate Kiss Café cakes until June 22.  Please give two days lead time for orders. To order online, please click here. See The Chocolate Kiss Café accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

Lead photos: @thechocolatekisscafe