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What You Can Order From Kraver's Canteen And Why It's A Game Changer

This new cloud kitchen concept will satisfy your cravings for international cuisine from Japan to Mexico to the Middle East.

"I think it’s important to understand how to convert the value proposition of the brick and mortar dine in space into a delivery format," starts Eric Dee, president and COO of Foodee Global Concepts, the company behind favorite haunts like Hawker Chan Philippines, Tim Ho Wan, Mesa, Pound, and Bench Café.

He was sharing how he and his team began workshopping a cloud kitchen concept when the pandemic started.  "In dine-in [restaurants], it's food + service + ambiance = value proposition," he illustrated. "Now, how do we convert service and ambiance in take out?"

This exploration led Eric and his team to Kraver’s Canteen, “a multi-brand multi-spoke cloud kitchen” making mouthwatering dishes solely for delivery.  “It’s basically a warehouse subdivided into several kitchens that house brands and are delivery only 'restaurants' and we work with the aggregators to get to our consumers," Eric explains.

With COVID-19 still raging through the country, cloud kitchens have been sprouting left and right around the metro – and for good reason. It's the best way to keep their staff working and make up for the lost income brought about by meager dine-in sales due to the flip-flopping community restrictions.

Kraver's Canteen is one of the most aggressive cloud kitchens in terms of online presence and marketing efforts. After only being in business for about a year, challenges still about but the young chief operating officer is not fazed.

"Kraver's [Canteen] is a year old and was brought about by the pandemic and all its uncertainties. Delivery space has increased and has continues to thrive and we see only growth in the segment moving forward," Eric said, pointing out that as part of their company's pivot to enter the delivery scene, they were able to bring the quality that Foodee Global Concepts was known for into a more accessible market.

When asked about starting a new business in the midst of the pandemic instead of focusing on their existing brands, Eric simply said they saw an opportunity and decided to take it.

"Foodee [Global Concept]'s entry into the space will have the same consistency, service and value that Foodee brands are known for," he starts. "It was tricky to move around and start a business when everyone was either closing or reducing operations. Kraver's [Canteen] on the other hand saw an opportunity and has been growing since. We currently have eight kitchens and [we are] on track with our goal."

So what is it about Kraver's Canteen that made it such a hit just one year in? Aside from the ability to cross order from their various stores (11 stores are now offering different cuisines and dishes at their website), Eric believes that "being able to add value to delivery by making sure that [they] optimize everything" makes their customers feel that they're getting the bang for their buck. In Tagalog, it's definitely sulit.

Their team's goal is to make it to the nationwide consciousness, which looks promising with the latest news of support from big names in the business industry – including a whopping US$1.5-million (or about P72 million) investment from the likes of John Gokongwei of Cebu Pacific, Zalora co-founder Paolo Campos, and even Grab co-founder Brian Cu. According to the same article from business website e27, Kraver's Canteen is also "looking to partner with Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Dairy Queen in the coming months."

Exciting times are definitely ahead of Kraver's founders Eric Dee, Victor Mapua, Victor Lim, and their teams.

If for some reason, you haven't tried any of the offers from Kraver's Canteen, we've lined up their best-sellers and some of Eric's personal favorites (like Smashed Burger from Burger Jack, Chicken Tikka from Sheik's Kebab, Kraver's new InsaniTea, and Cheesy Nacho Bake from Kyoto Sushi Bake) to make it easier for you to choose your next order.

To place your orders, head over to For more updates about Kraver's Canteen, follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @KraversCanteen.