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NEW: Kumori and BLK 513 Join Forces To Give You The Charcoal Melon Pan

This is the pastry-dessert breakthrough you just cannot miss!

Kumori’s Melon Pan, the best selling traditional Japanese sweet dough, gets a tasty upgrade as it’s wrapped with cookie crust infused with BLK 513’s activated charcoal. The result is the new Charcoal Melon Pan, a delicious bread with the satisfying contrast of soft and crunchy textures. The cloud-like bun is filled with indulgent cream cheese, delivering a sweet and salty explosion of flavors in your mouth. It’s pastry perfection like you’ve never tasted before.

“We at Kumori and BLK 513 wanted to give our customers something exciting to indulge in, and to create a product fusion that was new and different for both brands,” says Beatrice Chong, Assistant Marketing Manager for the Relish Group, local operator of the Kumori franchise.

If you’ve tried the original Melon Pan before, then it probably comes as no surprise to you why it’s the star for this collaboration. An age-old recipe, the traditional melon pan does not actually contain any melon; its name was inspired by the bread’s iconic grid-lined shape and thin cookie covering, creating a surface that resembles the skin of an oriental melon. It’s a staple in Japanese bakeries, often grabbed as a quick breakfast or afternoon snack.

The use of activated charcoal in food, meanwhile, has been gaining traction in both the local and global scene in the past few years. Dubbed as the “dark trend,” it’s got foodies all abuzz because of its peculiar aesthetic appeal and unconventional health benefits. In the Philippines, BLK 513 is the first and most successful frozen yogurt brand to offer charcoal-infused desserts.

Made from heated and processed coconut shells, activated charcoal is widely known for its detoxifying effect as it absorbs toxins in the gut, promoting better digestive health. It’s also known for its anti-bloating and anti-aging properties, making it popular among health enthusiasts. (And now, even bread lovers!)


A truly modern mash-up, the Charcoal Melon Pan combines the classic goodness of the Japanese favorite with the contemporary appeal of activated charcoal, giving you a truly memorable snack or dessert experience.

“The activated charcoal cookie crust is what gives it a unique kick, perfectly complementing the super soft bun and the dreamy cream cheese inside,” says Chong. “Eat it warm or chilled; it’s yummy both ways!”

The new Charcoal Melon Pan (P68 per piece) is now available at all Kumori and BLK 513 branches. You can also order online through the Kumori website or through Grabfood, Lalafood, FoodPanda, and Metromart. BLK 513 also accepts orders online through the BLK 513 website,  via Instagram messaging (@blk513ph) and Viber (09458490929).

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