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LOOK: Milky Way Cafe Rolls Out All-New Halo Halo Kits!

Yes, you can have this iconic dessert at home, complete with shaved ice, cups and spoons

When the days turn hot and steamy, our thoughts turn to halo halo. This ubiquitous Filipino dessert has dreamy layers of shaved ice, evaporated milk and a variety of ingredients — sweet beans, pinipig, ube and other mixed-ins, often topped with a scoop of ice cream. If you can picture this as you read, then you're probably craving halo halo! And the best bet in town is the new Milky Way Halo Halo Kit.

Every kit contains  all the ingredients for Milky Way’s signature halo halo, right down to the shaved ice, 12 condiment ingredients, and cups and spoons good for six, niftily packed in a reusable thermos bag so it stays nice and chilly. The kit comes in two versions: one with a half gallon of ube ice cream or without ice cream. Or, you might want to purchase the ice cream separately so you can choose between ube, cheese or avocado flavors. Milky Way has been serving some of the best halo halo since our childhood days, and we thrilled to know we can still enjoy this iconic treat even in quarantine.

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To order, please call (02) 8843-4124,  send a text message to (0966) 634-57923, or order online by clicking here. Stay updated by following @milkywaycafe_makati on Instagram. Also available via GrabMart.