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Hong Kong-style Fusion Dishes Are On Spotlight In Ms. Gee’s Newest Dinner Menu

From dim sum to mains, discover new tastes in this go-to Poblacion hangout.

There’s more to look forward to your nights in Poblacion. Fun, carefree nights call for some dancing ‘til your feet can’t take it while having great food and drinks with your night out buddies! Speakeasy Ms. Gee makes your Makati escape a little more interesting as they launch their newest dinner menu last September, featuring Hong Kong-style chow and booze!

The selection of dim sum, small plates, mains, and their signature G & tea are on spotlight during their private dinner. Drifting away from the conventional way of serving a Chinese-inspired menu, Ms. Gee amplifies its flavors with Asian fusion techniques to play with your taste buds.

Starting off with dim sum plates–the Shrimp with Lobster Foam, steamed wrapped shrimps served with coconut lobster foam, red seaweed, red caviar and passion fruit puree, and the Shrimp & Crab, streamed wrapped shrimp and crab topped with caviar, are a generous bite in every piece. The combination of seafood flavors isn’t overwhelming but complementary altogether, and finishing the whole plate by yourself isn’t a hard task. Unless, of course, if you’re sharing it with your friends!

For the small plates, you can’t go wrong with the Zucchini Mushroom Spring Rolls, with tossed fresh mushrooms, mixed vegetables, and spice rolled in finely sliced zucchini served with passion fruit puree. If you’re craving for something familiar to your palate, though, make sure to order the Crispy Garlic Squid.  
But if you enter Ms. Gee’s red door famished, sit down and enjoy a round of good mains! Try the Smoked Duck or crowd favorite Cereal Prawn, paired with either Yang Chow Fried Rice or Jasmin Garlic Rice.
Of course, what’s a night out without a glass of drink? Their bestselling G & Tea in Honey Rose and Ginger & Honey hit the right spot, but explore other flavors like Jasmine, Green Tea, and Chamomile Mint and find your next best choice!

Apart from the great-tasting menu, Ms. Gee also launched their Risky Whisky Thursdays, where guests will get to enjoy live performances from OPM’s best acts, as well as Buy 1 Take 1 on all whiskey cocktails and Johnnie Walker bottles.

So, see you one of these nights, yes?