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Nono's Introduces A New Sweet And Savory Brunch Menu That Always Hits The Spot

Indulge in Nono's new brunch offerings, from good old mac and cheese and classic BLT, to hearty avocado toast and fan-favorite garlic steak with rice.

It's been two years since pastry chef Baba Ibazeta Benedicto introduced food-loving Filipinos to Nono's. And after six branches and counting, the dining destination has its patrons—most of whom consist of the typical Filipino family, three generations sitting together sharing a delicious meal and all—returning to a menu that doesn't only have delicious dishes that jump off its pages, but also evokes memories of childhood and much brighter, happier days. 

After all, Nono's was built on the concept of "comfort food done right," and if there's one thing Filipinos will tell you about great food, it shouldn't just taste good, but make them feel good, too. 

Keeping this mantra in mind, Chef Baba proudly introduces her newest slate of menu items for 2019 that, as expected, hit the spot just right. (Second guessing your stomach's capacity to stretch to its limits has no place at a table at Nono's where a delightful seesaw of sweet and savory palate pleasers reign supreme). 

From hearty steak to a platter of secret recipe waffles, Nono's is where we'll see you next for brunch. They've got lots of new items for you to try, and we picked out our favorites below! 


Home-style Waffles, and Waffles and Chicken 

We were told to expect something "different" when our first plate of Nono's home-style waffles was set down, and we were rightly forewarned. The magic of these waffles that unassumingly sit next to a generous dollop of cream is invisible to the eye—but wait until your taste buds scream to high heavens about, well, how heavenly they taste.

Not exactly fluffy, simply crisp or a straightforward combination of both, this breakfast favorite as updated by Nono's has a roti-like feel to them, where every bite reveals layer upon layer of perfected waffle-y goodness that are crunchy at first, but give way to a subtle buttery, doughiness. (Chef Baba will only laugh and say, "Enjoy," if you ask her what spell she put on the classic to make it so delicious). 

We're especially in love with how these waffles are practically immune to the inevitable sogginess that ensues when left out on the table for a while. They stay intact, their stacked razor-thin layers staying tasty all throughout your meal, and will very much still be ready to be smothered in syrup and cream after some time. 

nono s 0
Homestyle waffles with fresh strawberries and blueberries

As a second, more indulgent option, these waffles can also be enjoyed with a side of fried chicken!

That means you can get creative with the same home-style waffles by mixing them up with a side of savory chicken in two flavors: original, best enjoyed with gravy, or honey sriracha that's great for diners with a love for spicy sauce blends. (Tip: You can have an order that lets you try both chicken flavors by asking your server for a half-and-half order). 

Have these for breakfast, brunch, or merienda (or dinner, no judgement here), and we guarantee you'll leave Nono's happy. 

nono s 1
Chicken and waffles

Garlic steak with Mushroom

You can't help but smile when a dish as hearty as garlicky steak and mushroom served with a big side of rice cooked in leftover steak sauce in the pan is considered brunch, or even breakfast fare. The concept is so very Filipino, and we love it!

For many, the meal is so reminiscent of family gatherings on weekends when everyone is released from the bonds of work and school and free to spend time with the people in life that matter most. Of course, it definitely helps that chef Baba has mastered the art and science of steak, with this dish showcasing the best of her abilities. 

Cubes of plump, tender, juicy, (what other adjectives are there?) seared on the outside, pink on the inside beef wade in a special sauce impossible to resist. (Biting into one of these bad boys releases so much flavor that just gets better and better—no risk of premature satiation here). It's also one of those dishes that you can smell before you see, and when it arrives, you just know you made the right order—just watch everyone asks you for a taste!

But worry not because serving sizes at Nono's are made for families; even after ate and dad and kuya, too have asked for a taste, you'll still have a lot left to satisfy your own appetite. 

nono s 2
Garlic steak with mushroom served with rice

Veggie Mac and Cheese

Don't let the "veggie" tag intimidate you. Chef Baba guarantees that her spin on this all-time favorite will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters will consume and heck, even enjoy. (Raise your hand if you have a grade schooler in your family who only eats three dishes, at most).

Maintaining everything awesome about good old mac and cheese—a browned and crisped layer of cheese on top that you break in order to get to the thick, stringy, creamy layers of al dente pasta underneath—its addition of crunchy veggies balances out the strength of its flavor. 

You don't usually associate the words "crisp" or "fresh" with a dish like this, but Nono's shows us that unexpected combos can work just fine, or more so, whipped up into something totally delightful. (Tip: Chef Baba knows that there are diners who just can't live without their meat, so for those that prefer meet over veggies, simply ask). 

nono s 3
Veggie mac and cheese

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich 

Surely there's a law out there that states that adding two goods—two very good goods, at that—can only result in something spectacularly good? 

I mean, that really is the only way to describe the gastronomical masterpiece that is Nono's dessert sandwich made up of two fresh out of the oven cookies and creamy vanilla ice cream, which is pretty much a creation that reminds you of those days when mom let you create your own "food," but was really only a combo of all the sugary things stored in the kitchen. But of course, Nono's version of this is professionally done and exceeds yours basic level of yummy.  

Having sampled this for the first time, we can't over-emphasize how madly in love we are with Chef Baba's cookie recipe. They're sticky with melted chocolate chips with an outer layer of toasty cookie dough that was made to become an addiction. 

But be quick because the cookies' warmth is enough to melt the ice cream smushed between them, and yes, your heart, too. Those with a sweet tooth, worry not—this too is made large enough for sharing! 

nono s 4
Cookie ice cream sandwich

If one (or all) of those dishes have piqued you and your taste buds' interest, see more of Nono's 2019 menu offerings below and enjoy them in any of Nono's six branches at The Podium, UP Town Center, Festival Mall, Glorietta 2, Three Central, and Nuvali!