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Panda Express Opens In Manila Today—Here’s What We’re Most Excited For

Its CEO Andrew Cherng hopes it can replicate the success of Jollibee

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard that the world’s largest American-Chinese dining concept has made its way from the United States to Manila, but just in case you didn't, well, Panda Express is here, and it opens today!

In an exclusive interview with ANC’s Cathy Yang, Panda Express founder and CEO Andrew Cherng talked about what Filipinos can expect to see on the menu and what his hopes are for the franchise. 

Panda Express Philippines was made possible through a joint venture with Jollibee, as Cherng and Jollibee’s CEO, Tony Tan Caktiong, have known each other for over ten years. 

Of course, crowd favorites and permanent menu items — like the Orange Chicken and the Broccoli Beef — will be mainstays at the fastfood chain’s first branch in Megamall. Cherng added that affordability is definitely one of the most important things about their business, as they look to serve great food for everyone.

As for Panda Express’ future in the Philippines, Cherng is hopeful. “I see Jollibee everywhere,” he said, “so my inspiration is possibly we can also see Panda Express everywhere.” He also hopes to create more jobs for Filipinos by expanding all throughout the country.

We can’t wait to dig into their classics (again: Orange Chicken!) but we’re even more excited to try products exclusive to the Philippines, like the egg drop soup, mango sago, coffee jelly, and crinkles desserts.

Lead photos from @pandaexpressph