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You Can't Miss These Hot New Dining Spots in SM Mall of Asia

The cult favorite Korean cafe and the in-demand Chinese hot pot restaurant are now within arm's reach!

When was the last time you rediscovered SM Mall of Asia? It was just a couple of weeks ago when I got the shock of my life—the MOA I once knew no longer exists for I found myself in a bigger, better, brighter mall! After having avoided large crowds over the course of the pandemic, I got used to going to the same old places, the ones closer to home, or the ones that fit my comfort zone. But thankfully, one Saturday, I got to experience a whole new world when I stepped into the country's biggest shopping mall!

The reason for my being there was that I was in for a treat: I was in for a food tour of sorts, as I sampled goodies from famed Korean cafe Paris Baguette and a mouthwatering dinner at world-famous Chinese hotpot restaurant Haidilao!

Paris Baguette and Haidilao Hotpot are now in SM Mall of Asia!

First stop: Paris Baguette

I've only ever seen Paris Baguette in my favorite travel vloggers' videos of Seoul, but sadly, I wasn't able to try it during my trip last year. Good thing they've finally arrived in Manila, and they're here to delight! I was greeted by a busy Saturday early evening crowd, buzzing with excitement for the schedule Pyromusical event scheduled later that night. I sat in a cozy corner in the restaurant then was served with such delectable dishes, I didn't know what to try first. But to give you some help (because I know you, too will get overwhelmed by their amazing selection), I suggest going for a soup and salad combo first, as I did, when I tried their Mushroom Soup in a Bread Bowl. This was hearty and absolutely delicious!

Paris Baguette’s mushroom soup is made with real mushrooms and served in a bread bowl

Their Brunch menu includes other scrumptious offerings like the Bulgogi Cream Pasta (a must!), Smoked Salmon Toast, French Toast with Sausage and Eggs, and Baked Chicken. Apart from these daily delights, be sure to check out their chiller filled with open-faced sandwiches, salads, and grain bowls. You're bound to leave with a satisfied tummy with these options available. For those with a sweet tooth or those who love a good pastry, Paris Baguette offers cakes, boxed pound cakes, cookies, madeleines, kouign-amann, tarts, croissants, and more! To wash it all down, pick up a coffee from their drink bar, but personally, I suggest ordering the Iced Korean Yuzu Mint Tea!

Paris Baguette boasts a menu of 123 items offered daily – with plans to add more.
Paris Baguette offers a wide variety of cakes, ensuring there's something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Second Stop: Haidilao Hotpot

My first encounter with Haidilao was during a trip to London. I passed by their restaurant and was stunned by the insane line outside. That's when I first found out that this cult favorite hotpot chain has a FREE manicure station inside especially made for customers who are waiting in line and have time to kill. Now that's a deal you can't say no to, right? The second time was during a trip to Bangkok. It was way past 10 pm but the line was still not short, so we got to enjoy free snacks and a massage chair. Fast forward to today: Haidilao is finally in the Philippines and I got to have a most memorable dinner thanks to this mini food tour. 

While waiting to be seated, guests can avail of a free manicure at Haidilao Hot Pot
Haidilao Hot Pot offers a comfortable dining experience with light teal couches and spacious walkways

Haidilao Hot Pot is a renowned restaurant chain with over 1,300 branches in China, Macau, and Hong Kong. And as I've mentioned earlier, also in cities like London and Bangkok. 

Once seated on your table, you get to order your hot pot inclusions like premium beef, vegetables, and assorted hot pot balls via a tablet menu, then proceed to their station where sauces and dips are offered. Make your own personalized sauce and choose your soup base, ranging from spicy Szechuan to savory tomato broth. 

Diners can choose up to four different soups in one pot, including clear water, spicy Szechuan, mushroom broth, and tomato broth
Diners can order a plate of noodles that are stretched and cut to thin strips in front of them by a dancing server

Now that the rainy season is upon us, a comforting bowl of soup is a great idea. Bring the whole family for a hearty meal at Haidilao—we promise you, it'll be a memorable experience that will leave your tummies satisfied and craving for more!

Paris Baguette is located at Level 1 near Ocean Drive, while Haidilao is located at the Entertainment Mall, also on Level 1 of SM Mall of Asia. Follow @themallofasiaofficial for updates.

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