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It's Zongzi Season! Where To Get Them In Time For The Dragon Boat Festival

Don't miss these mouthwatering sticky rice dumplings!

Zongzi (粽子) is a kind of Chinese sticky rice dumpling traditionally served during the Duanwu Festival (端午节), also known as the Dragon Boat Festival. The festival falls on June 14 this year. When families gather to celebrate, they will of course enjoy zongzi, and often give these out as gifts. Be part of this timeless tradition and savor some zongzi, available at Lung Hin, the authentic Cantonese restaurant at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

Zong zi is glutinous rice dumpling with sweet or savory filling, wrapped in bamboo, lotus or reed leaves. Sticky, fragrant and very tasty, it’s always eaten during the Duanwu Festival which is observed every fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar to commemorate the nationalism of Chinese poet Qu Yuan. 

Zongzi is such a culinary treasure that Chinese families all around the world pass on their own zongzi recipes from one generation to the next. It is said that the fillings and the sticky rice in the zong zi represent the harmony between heaven and earth, as well as loyalty to one’s motherland. During the Dragon Boat Festival, families gather to pray for a bountiful harvest while enjoying the zongzi.  

Lung Hin offers this seasonal dumpling in two variants: The Guangdong Traditional Glutinous Rice Dumpling has roasted duck, pork belly, and dried scallops; while the Marinated Pork with Five Spices has pork belly, dried shrimps, and preserved pickled salted egg. Both variants are wrapped in lotus leaves in line with tradition.

Zongzi will be available at Lung Hin until June 15. For large volume and advanced orders, please call (632) 7720-7777 or email Or send a DM to @marcopolomanila on Instagram.

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