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10 Best Kakanin And Filipino Desserts

They're fun, ingenious and oh-so-delicious

While it’s vitally important to keep and treasure our culinary heritage, there’s room for innovation, too. So I’m happy to observe a new wave of kakanin — puto, bibingka, biko, kutsinta, suman, sapin sapin, maja blanca, atbp. This new generation of kakanin takes inspiration from traditionally Filipino flavors, techniques, and knowledge, but is unafraid to grow in new directions and take on new forms. The result is very much the kakanin of our generation. 

Food, like language, must evolve in order not to fade away.  The new kakanin reflects who we are now. It’s playful and inventive, unafraid to borrow from other cultures, is designed to be photogenic in the age of social media, and uniquely tailored to our tastes. And there are now so many available that you’ll be spoiled for choice, so we decided to do the tasting for you. To see our recommendations, please click through the gallery below.