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12 Glorious Party Dishes You Absolutely Have To Order For Your Holiday Table


Filipinos love big social gatherings during the holiday season as much as we love to eat. To make your feasting even merrier, here are our choicest potluck ideas for your next holiday gathering or family Noche Buena. 


Photo by Pat Mateo


1. Crispy Pork Belly by À Table

Dulce Magat Gibb’s cooking may just be one of Manila’s best-kept secrets. With her catering and gourmet-to-go service À Table, every dish is sure to garner oohs and aahs from guests. Our favorite has to be the Crispy Pork Belly, an impressive slab of well-seasoned, tender pork topped with irresistibly crispy pork crackling. It comes with apple sauce, lingonberry, gravy, and Dijon mustard, which your guests can combine any way they want to complement the pork.

Price upon request, (0917) 862-1800, email:



2. Party Tray by Tray Bien

This impressive-looking tray is filled with an array of small bites and dips ready to be served: Antipasti Skewers with a vinaigrette dressing, Mini Ham-and-Cheese Quiches for dipping in mornay sauce, Margherita and Pesto Chicken Pizza Discs topped with chili oil, and Honey Bacon and Apple Croquetas that go great with the creamy aioli sauce.




3. Sushi Overload Platter by Sushi Nori

One of our go-to spots for a quick sushi fix, Sushi Nori also offers fresh sushi platter trays which are prepared fresh with one-hour advance notice. Available in all branches, the Sushi Overload comes with 8 Guardian Rolls, 16 Sushi Dreams Rolls, 16 Firecracker Rolls, and 16 Sushi Santi Rolls, good for 8 to 12 persons.

P2,099, (0917) 888-NORI, FB: Sushi Nori



4. J’s Cajun Seafood by Ley’s Kitchen

Ley’s Kitchen is one of our local havens when it comes to party dishes, and this seafood dish doesn’t disappoint. Seasoned with Cajun spices for a taste of New Orleans, this smoky, spicy dish comes with crabs, shrimp, corn, and sausage, with one order good for 5 to 7 people.

Price upon request, (0917) 848-6889, order at least 2 days ahead



5. Chorizo Pasta by Ley’s Kitchen

Pasta dishes are main staples when it comes to big celebrations and that’s why this flavorful Chorizo Pasta is a must on our list. Spaghetti noodles are tossed in chorizo and garlic for a Spanish-style dish brimming with flavor.

Price upon request, good for 6 persons, (0917) 848-6889, order at least 2 days ahead



6. Seafood Aglio Olio by 8 Spoons

Simple, light and fresh, this pasta features mussels, shrimps, and clams tossed in olive oil and garlic. It’s a great tasting option for those looking for something less indulgent. 8 Spoons also offers other dishes to complete a buffet potluck, like Hot Prawn and Chicken Salad, Beef Asparagus and Enoki Rolls, and the Signature Baked Salmon.

P1,800 for 15 persons, email:, FB: 8Spoons



7. Chicken Relleno by Pepita’s Kitchen

Famous for its lechon stuffed with rice, Pepita’s Kitchen also boasts a full complement of Filipino dishes perfect for parties.Among them, the Chicken Relleno is a great-tasting and more affordable alternative to a whole lechon. But this roasted boneless chicken remains a luxurious addition to the holiday table, as it’s stuffed with rice, portobello mushrooms, and pine nuts.

Price upon request, (0917) 866-0662, email:, FB: Lechon Diva of Pepita’s Kitchen



8. Tuscan Lemon Chicken by Lily & Rose Manila

A definite bestseller, this Italian-style whole roast chicken is flavored with lemon, rosemary, and thyme, and comes with garlic herbed potatoes. Lily & Rose Manila also offers holiday boxes complete with mini caviar pie, assorted homemade dips, and crackers inside.

P2,000 for 10 persons, P4,000 for 25 persons, (0927) 814-9151, FB: lilyandrosemanila



9. Fabada Chino by Andy’s Good Eats

Andy’s Good Eats is well known for this rich bean stew from Spain that is a must on any holiday table. This food order service also offers its popular Momofuku-inspired Pork Buns and Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken, among other well-priced homemade dishes great for pot lucks.

 P1,000, (02) 897-1676, (0917) 815-8631, email:



10. Cochinillo by Mr. Cochinillo

Dubbed the best cochinillo in town by Chef Sandy Daza because of its buttery texture and crisp golden-brown skin, this whole roasted suckling pig is so soft it can easily be sliced with a porcelain plate. Also available is the extra special roasted black pig (baboy damo or ramo), among other party dishes.

P6,500 regular, P7,500 large, email:,



11. Roast Pork by Pria’s Kitchen

If you’re not into extra fatty pork dishes, try instead this leaner slow-roasted pork loin with herbs, garlic, paprika, and olive oil, best enjoyed with the accompanying homemade mushroom gravy.

P1,750 for 6-8 persons, P2,500 for 10-12 persons, (0917) 818-8283



12. Holiday Ham by Wildflour Café + Bakery

Ditching pork leg in favor of pork belly, Wildflour’s extra indulgent take on this Christmas staple is sure to make your holidays even happier. Prepared with no added preservatives, the Holiday Ham comes with Parker rolls and pineapple glaze. Make sure to order in advance.

P850 for 1/2 kilo, P1,450 for 1 kilo,


Cover by Pat Mateo

Photos by Pat Buenaobra

Styling by Angelique Castro

Art Direction by Butchie Peña

Shot on location at Discovery Primea

Special thanks to Margaux Hontiveros