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12 Must-Have Bottles Of Sweet And Savory Goodness To Flavor Up The Holidays

We Filipinos can’t live without sawsawan or dipping sauces to enhance the flavors of our favorite dishes, or sweet toppings to liven up desserts and breads. From sour to spicy to sweet, these products make the perfect gift for those who love to fill their pantries with bottles and bottles of vinegars, jams, hot sauces, and whatnot. Truly a feast of flavors awaits!


1. Guava Jelly by Marketman’s Artisanal Preserves

Add a nice touch to your appetizers or desserts with this pure guava jelly made from scratch by Marketman and Zubuchon owner, Joel Binamira. Brilliant with warm pandesal or with crackers topped with salty cheese, this jelly exudes just the right touch of sweetness and fragrant guava flavor.

P210, Zubuchon, Talisay Street, San Antonio, Makati City, (02) 728-3931, IG: Zubuchon,


2. Salad Dressings by Comida Rica

Take your salad to the next level with these local homemade dressings using fresh ingredients. With 4 classic flavors—Ranch Dressing, Strawberry Balsamic, Honey Mustard, and Egg Free Caesar—you’re sure to find a dressing for all your favorite salads.

P215/each, available in Gourmet Corner branches in San Antonio Arcade Forbes Makati and Shangri-La Plaza, (02) 551-9562, email:, IG: Gourmet Corner,

FB: Gourmet Corner PH


3. Pure Crab Paste by Yunik Uneek

If you’re having an all-Filipino feast this Christmas, this keto-friendly product can make your meals extra indulgent. With a choice of original or spicy, Yunik Uneek’s crab fat paste is indeed “unique,” as it’s made with lots of shredded crabmeat, for a chunkier, meatier paste. For an instant meal, simply top over hot rice and sprinkle with calamansi.

P310/260 grams, (0906) 575-1624, IG: Yunik Uneek


4. Such Anghang Habanero Suka by Misispi

Some extra chili peppers won’t hurt anyone, especially if they’re mixed into vinegar, Filipinos’ favorite base for sawsawan. Misispi’s homemade cane vinegar is extra special as it’s loaded with whole yellow and red habanero peppers (instead of the usual bird’s eye chilies) to give extra zing. The vinegars come in pretty gift bags, and the shapely half-gallon bottle is a definite collectible.

P220/750ml, P350/half-gallon, (02) 727-1233, (0915) 448-1708, IG: Misispi,


5. Organic Spinach and Mushroom Chimichurri by Taste by Grace Home

This purveyor of luxury food products has tweaked the traditional South American herb sauce with the addition of organic spinach, mushrooms, garlic, truffles, and a sprinkling of Himalayan pink salt. The aroma of truffles hits you as soon as you open the jar, followed by sourness from the lime, a hint of salt, and a touch of earthy mushroom flavor. Enjoy this vegan and gluten-free sauce with steak, chicken, pork, seafood or whatever hits your fancy.

P850/225 grams, (0906) 361-8374, email:, IG: Grace Home Manila, FB: Grace Home Manila


6. Hot Sauces by Traydor

Taking their names from famous traitors in history, these unusual hot sauces inspire you to lower your defenses with their intense flavors that give way to a hot and spicy surprise. Select your traitor: Judas (tomato garlic), Damaso (mango rhum), Brutus (coco water and lemongrass), or Mata Hari (hot honey), or get them all in one gift pack. Traydor touts deceptively addictive sauces sure to heat up your palate. 

P200/Damaso, Brutus and Judas, P250/Mata Hari, P800/box of 4, (0906) 330-1292, FB: Traydor Hot Sauce, IG: Traydor Hot Sauce,


7. Local Jams by Pili & Pino

Merienda Cena is a box of six all-natural mini jams for each day before Christmas made with tropical flavors like Piña Colada, Ginger and Lemon, Dulce de Coco Leche, Barako Coffee, Matcha Tea, and Tableya Chocolate. These artisanal jams are sweetened only with pure coconut nectar syrup.

P399/Merienda Cena box, available in Kultura MOA, Makati, Megamall, SM Aura, Cebu,

IG: Pili & Pino, FB: Pili & Pino,,


8. Ketchups by Haynayan

Made using locally sourced ingredients, this vegan-friendly range of homemade ketchups will surely spice up your pantry, whether you like your ketchup big and bold (Spicy Bathala Radish) or sweet with heat (Spicy Diwata Pineapple). Other flavors include classic Tomato and Banana, plus fruit-based variants like Strawberry and Mango.

P300, (0919) 818-1220, IG: Haynayan Ketchups, FB: Haynayan Ketchups


9. Skinny Seasoning by 7 Grains

Want your dishes packed with flavor but healthy at the same time? This all-purpose gluten-free seasoning can be the solution. It’s a better alternative to commercial soy sauce (which contains gluten) to marinate vegetables and meat, mix into dipping sauces, and flavor salads, soups, and other dishes. Best of all, Skinny Seasoning offers that same full-bodied umami flavor without the artificial flavorings or the excessive sodium.

P120/300ml, P160/450ml, (0917) 811-7080, FB: 7Grains,


10. Tamarind Purée by Mama Sita

Made from natural tamarind fruit, this product is a godsend for sinigang lovers. Without any artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives, this tamarind purée can be your go-to souring agent for sinigang if you can’t find fresh tamarind, or don’t want to use commercial sinigang mixes. It’s yet another innovative product from Mama Sita, an all-Filipino company famous for its all-natural sauces and mixes.

P185, available in Gourmet Corner branches in San Antonio Arcade, Forbes, Makati and Shangri-La Plaza, (02) 551-9562, email:, IG: Gourmet Corner,

FB: Gourmet Corner PH


11. Pickled Chilies by Chili Asylum

Chili Asylum by Isi Laureano is dedicated to creating unique homemade condiments, with chili peppers as the flavoring agent of choice. Pickled chilies happen to be a specialty. You can go with the Spicy Papaya Atchara made with shredded local papaya, local chilies, carrots, bell peppers, ginger, and garlic. Or you can opt for Cornichons from Hell, a dairy-free combination of local cucumbers, local jalapeño, spices, salt, pepper, vinegar, and sugar. After all that heat packed into these bottles, you’ll never look at pickles the same way again.

P350, (0919) 818-1220, email:, FB: Chili Asylum


12. Crispy Garlic Tuyo by Ginger’s

Whether you choose to eat it with steamed rice or warm pandesal with butter, Ginger’s Crispy Garlic Tuyo will surely make your mornings. What’s magical about this tuyo or dried fish is that they stay truly crispy, even when soaked in canola oil, garlic, and spices.

P350, available in Gourmet Corner branches in San Antonio Arcade, Forbes, Makati and Shangri-La Plaza, (02) 551-9562, email:, IG: Gourmet Corner,

FB: Gourmet Corner PH



Styling by Angelique Castro

Art direction by Butchie Peña

Photos by Paulo Valenzuela