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8 Delicious Food Gift Ideas For The Health And Diet Conscious


It might be odd to associate “Christmastime” with “healthy eating,” but trust us—it can be done! A handful of our favorite food brands, chefs, and foodies know the challenges that the holidays pose on our waistlines all too well, so they’ve dedicated their culinary expertise to creating delicious food that won’t—quite literally—break the scale. For your season’s dose of healthy indulgences, check out this list of treats that aren’t just tasty, but guilt-free, too! 


1. Gorgeous Green Hummus by Silver Platter

The humble chickpea becomes the ultimate pre-Christmas dinner pica-pica, a much healthier and all-vegetarian alternative to the usual suspects like chips and dip or cheese and grapes. Its velvety consistency and smoky flavors that come alive with a subtle lemon zing are sure to make it a conversation starter, too. Best of all, a jar purchased supports Mesa Ni Misis, Juana Manahan Yupangco’s NGO that teaches underprivileged families how to cook delicious and nutritious recipes using local vegetables. Check it out at

P395, available at Eric Kayser branches inside Marketplace by Rustan’s Power Plant, San Antonio Plaza Forbes, Glorietta, One Central Square, BGC, (0927) 485-3399, IG: @silverplatterph


2. Amoy Lumpia by China Mommy

Our veggie-loving friends and family need not get the short end of the stick come Christmas. They can enjoy themselves as much as everyone does with a serving (or two) of amoy lumpia (a.k.a. Chinese lumpia)—a favorite amongst even those with more carnivorous preferences, which speaks leagues about just how good it is! Their take on the Filipino staple involves lots of fresh, crunchy greens, seaweed, authentic Chinese condiments, and other good-for-you ingredients.

P1,600/half order (about 10 rolls), P2,800/full order (about 20 rolls), (0917) 514-8540, IG: @chinamommyph


3. Soy Chicken by Hainan Chicken Rice PH

We know how upsetting it can be when the local food scene can’t successfully recreate a foreign dish you sampled abroad. You crave and crave for it until it hurts, your food prayers left unanswered for way too long. Well, for anyone who’s hunted for the perfect plate of soy chicken, a Chinese-Singaporean national hit, it’s time to trade in your prayer beads for utensils because we found it. With juicy chicken that practically falls off the bone, partnered with fragrant rice and seasoned with the right amount of ginger garlic, chili, and dark soy, feast now, and thank us later. 

P850 good for 4 persons, P70 extra rice (300 grams), P60 extra set sauce, IG: @hainanchickenriceph, orders available only certain days of the week, delivery charges apply


4. Skinny Monkey Muffins by The Little Spatula

Eating healthy doesn’t equate to staying away from sweets forever and ever—and we wouldn’t approve of that, either! It simply means carefully choosing sweets makers who are conscious of the kind and quality of the ingredients they use. Take these made-to-order Skinny Monkey Muffins that are a symphony of banana slivers, all-natural peanut butter, rolled oats, and Belgian dark chocolate chips. They’re good for the gut, and also kind on your health. The fact that they’re low-sugar, gluten-free, and flourless is a plus. 

P400/box of 6, (0917) 882-6255, email:, IG: @thelittlespatula


5. Fruit Crisps by 7 Grains

Ah, chips. It’s a snack everyone knows does more harm than good, but can’t seem to leave alone. Enter Fruit Crisps by 7 Grains, a chip brand that doesn’t leave you with a sinking feeling of regret despite finishing a bag all by yourself! Made with freeze-dried, non-GMO, all-natural apple, banana, and mango, it’s pretty much the tropics’ best flavors at your fingertips. Munch on these for dessert, during a slow weekend, or while waiting for New Year’s Eve fireworks, and of course, share with those who ask for a taste. 

P170/pack, (0917) 811-7080, email:; IG: @7grainspantry,


6. Sugar-Free Tablea Chocolate Cake by Gel Salonga 

Before you point out that chocolate can never be considered healthy, hear us out. This particular chocolate cake is, in fact, sugar free! Made lovingly with coconut sugar and native cacao from Magdalena, Laguna, this dessert maintains everything we love about cake—it’s both a treat for the eyes and taste buds, moist and fluffy, and best enjoyed in generous servings. Take note that baker Gel Salonga is sure to be busy with tons of requests this Christmas, so make sure to drop her a message ahead of time should you wish to order her speciality! 

P1,300/8-inch cake, (0905) 227-4045, IG: @baker_gel_salonga, delivery via Lalamove


7. Adlai by Hineleban 

One of the best things about giving edible gifts on Christmas is getting to promote local agricultural products. There’s a lot to be proud of when it comes to Philippine-grown produce, and adlai—an increasingly popular local grain grown around the country—tops our list this year. Being gluten-free and a foolproof match to any viand, it’s a lovely gift for those in search of the best carbs to include in their diet. Also know that every time you enjoy a healthy serving of adlai, you’re helping out the Hineleban Foundation, an organization that develops sustainable livelihood programs for communities in Bukidnon that bring products like these to you. 

P250/pack, IG: @hinelebanfarms,


8. Veggie Gift Crates by Holy Carabao 

Filipino Christmases are never without the ubiquitous gift basket stocked with jams and spreads, hams, breads, desserts, and other food items that taste oh so good, but might not be the best for you. Here’s another take on the holiday staple: an Instagrammable wooden crate brimming with farm-to-fork produce that your health-conscious loved ones will adore you for. As a venture run by families who know the value of using only the freshest veggies, trust that the Holy Carabao folks know exactly what kind of nourishment the body needs. Using produce picked fresh from their Laguna farm, you can choose the Keto-Friendly Gift Crate with eggs, butter, saba, kamote, spinach, wild cherry tomato, and bacon and egg salad. Or you can opt for the Plant-Based Gift Crate with assorted lettuces, carrot, yacon, lemon, arugula, tempeh salad, and Golden Armour and Green Vitality tonics.

P1,500 per crate, (0977) 813-4659, IG: @holycarabaofarm,, deliveries to parts of Metro Manila daily 


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