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9 Iconic Christmas Cakes And Breads Especially Made For The Holiday Season

The holiday season isn’t complete without buying, giving, or receiving some classic Christmas cakes and breads. Some of these treats carry with them traditions and histories that span centuries and still make it to our holiday tables today. We’ve listed a few of these cakes and breads, some of which only make an appearance once a year. So don’t miss your chance to enjoy and share these baked goods to truly bring the Christmas spirit into your homes and gatherings.


1. Fruitcake by Ju.D

(02) 633-1188, FB: Ju.D’s Fruitcakes

Photo from @judsfruitcakes


Of course, this list has to begin with that iconic Christmas classic, the fruitcake. This traditional European cake has candied fruits, nuts, and liquor which helps it stay moist and last longer, but the alcohol also adds to the cake’s very distinct flavor. It’s not as easy as before to find good fruitcake, so if you’re a die-hard fruitcake fan, then Ju.D Lao’s fruitcake perhaps is one the best out there. And if your fruitcake experience in the past hasn’t been so positive, this one might actually change your mind about fruitcake.


2. Joyce’s Butter Rum Cake

(02) 403-1972, (0917) 523-2913, (0915) 774-2189, FB: Joyce’s Homemade Foods

Photo: @joyceshomemadefoods


Perhaps what has risen in popularity over the fruitcake as our de facto Christmas cake is the rum cake. With its origins in the Caribbean where most of the world’s rum production takes place, the rum cake is a popular holiday staple in that part of the world. In Manila, Joyce’s Rum Cake is probably one of the most popular rum cakes, and with good reason. From its beautiful golden exterior alone, you can already tell how buttery, moist, and decadent this cake will be. You will want to enjoy it even when the holidays are over. It also comes in a chocolate version.


3. Stollen Bread by Joconde Cakes

(0917) 848-6656, IG: @jocondecakes

Photo by @jocondecakes


Stollen bread is a traditional German holiday loaf filled with dried or candied fruits, nuts, spices, and usually with a sugar icing coating on top. In Manila, one of the best and most popular makers of stollen is Yvette and Dennis Hipolito of Joconde Cakes. Their version has dried fruits which have been soaked in a blend of rum, Cognac, and whiskey which makes this holiday bread even more special and delicious.


4. Gingerbread Loaf from Sinfully Circles Bakeshop

Makati Shangri-La, Makati Avenue corner Ayala Avenue, Makati City, (02) 814-2580


Perhaps one of the biggest purveyors of classic holiday cakes are the luxury hotels around Manila. Makati Shangri-La is one of those with an extensive menu of special cakes and pastries just for the holiday season. The Gingerbread Loaf, for example, has that distinct holiday aroma from all those Christmas spices, topped with glistening candied cranberries which make this cake even more festive.


5. Yule Log from Sinfully Circles Bakeshop

Makati Shangri-La, Makati Avenue corner Ayala Avenue, Makati City, (02) 814-2580

Served mostly in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, the yule log is traditionally a rolled-up sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream or ganache. It is then decorated to look like a tree branch or log, with edible holiday embellishments added. Makati Shangri-La offers two beautiful Yule Logs this holiday season: a Caramel Mango Yule Log and a Black Forest Yule Log. These must be ordered at least 2 days in advance from the hotel bakery. 


6. Panettone by Wildflour Café + Bakery

Branches in Rockwell Center, Bonifacio Global City, Greenhills, Salcedo Village, Legaspi Village,


If you’ve been to the groceries or delis during the holiday season, chances are you’ve seen stacks of panettone imported from Italy in bright red boxes. This is an Italian sweet bread typically served during the holidays. It usually contains citron, dried fruits, lemon zest, while other versions have chocolate and nuts, or else, come plain. You can now enjoy this fluffy and airy Italian treat from Wildflour where it is made from scratch. Say goodbye to the boxed imported stuff!


7. Katey Q’s Candied Orange Cake

(0917) 819-1808, FB: Katy.Qs

A distinct characteristic of most holiday cakes is dried or candied fruit. This Bundt cake by Katey Q is citrusy, buttery, and is both fresh yet decadent. Even better is that it’s topped with beautiful homemade candied oranges. If you want something different from a traditional fruitcake, this delicious Bundt cake is simply irresistible


8. French Apple Pie from Le Rêve Pâtisserie by Angeli Nasser

(0977) 715-3267, email:


Neither cake nor bread, this special pie is yet another classic holiday staple. Angeli Nasser makes her French Apple Pie with delicately layered sliced apples, a luxurious crust, and a crisp and rich crumble to top it off. This pie is almost too beautiful to eat, but with just one bite it could be your new holiday tradition.


9. Rum Cake with Salted Caramel Glaze from Valerie’s Kitchen

(0917) 890-2255, email:


Sinfully swimming in a salted caramel glaze, this rum cake is unlike any other. Valerie’s Kitchen marries a deep rum-flavored butter cake with a heavenly salted caramel sauce. For those who want to try a different version of the traditional rum cake, this is a must try!