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Where To Buy Ready-To-Heat Hot Pot Kits In Manila

Plus easy-to-follow basic rules for hotpot cooking at home

The hot pot is not a new idea, but we totally understand why this dish has lasted for so long and spread so widely. It’s the perfect family-style dish, interactive with endless variations that take you from Mongolian hotpot to Japanese shabu shabu.  At it’s most basic, hot pot is a communal dish centered around a broth with meat, dumplings, noodles, vegetables and dipping sauces. You get to choose your ingredients, your base soup, and your dips. It’s hearty and warming and great fun. Hot pot is not just a meal, it’s an experience. 

If you’re a beginner, you’re going to need a few basic items: a large pot for cooking in, a ladle, cooking and serving chopsticks, and a portable burner or induction stove. You can order this from Lazada. Or, for even less hassle, simply order the portable burner and stainless steel pot from Hotpot Manila or Ganso Shabuway, in addition to the ingredients, and you’re all set. 

Generally, diners gather around the hot pot on its burner as it sits on the dining table, and cooking ensues while you converse. Actually, everyone is just waiting for when the food is ready to devour! The general rules for cooking hot pot at home are simple and sensible:

Pour the broth into your hot pot and boil. Meanwhile, arrange your chosen ingredients on platters. When the broth is boiling, add the ingredients from the ones that will cook longest to the ones that will cook fastest. Begin with dumplings and hard vegetables like carrots, which will take about 3 minutes to cook. Add noodles, followed by mushrooms and leafy vegetables. Meat is cooked last and should only be briefly submerged in the hot broth (30 seconds will do) before it’s done.

Hot pot is like fondue in that you should cook your proteins only one at a time, so that you’re cooking and eating during the course of the meal. Besides, adding too many items will lower the temperature of your broth and interfere with proper cooking.

Ladle noodles and broth in small bowls for everyone. When meat is cooked, dip in your dipping sauce and enjoy between sips of broth. 

The biggest time consumer is actually in preparing the broth base, slicing up your ingredients, and making your own dipping sauces. These can be fun to do, but if you’d rather just go straight to dinner, here are ten easy and fun hot pot kits that will bring the hot pot adventure straight to your door. Enjoy!

Lead photo: Champion Hotpot Manila