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Editor's Picks: 15 Charming Korean Minimalist Cakes Guaranteed To Make You Smile

These cakes just get you

There is something about ultra-trendy Korean-inspired minimalist cakes that make them so perfect for this time when we’re sheltering at home. Charming and eye-catching, they have a powerful simplicity that they seem to tell us to embrace “less is more.” 

Simple is appealing. | @romantic_standard_cakes

In these days when we’re stuck at home unable to be with the people we love, it feels so important to be able to send little tokens of sweetness to family and friends. We want to celebrate life’s milestones with them, to make even ordinary days feel a little special,  to simply send love and support. What could be more perfect than these simple cakes that are small, affordable, and so easy to personalize. You can send a message, a declaration of love, a private joke. Minimalist cakes are a really fun way to make a statement. 

If you want to know where to order a personalized minimalist cake, click through the gallery below.