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Presents Perfect: 12 Party Platters To Order For A Fabulous Holiday Spread

These glorious dishes are the secret to a great party, potluck or Noche Buena feast

Here's the secret to throwing a great party: you don't have to do everything yourself! Instead of slaving away in the kitchen all day, why not order one (or more) of these 12 crowd-pleasing party dishes? Recommended by Chef Pixie Rodrigo Sevilla of La Brazorria de Lasevil, each one will be a surefire hit. Whether you're hosting the get together or joining a potluck, these platters will make it easy for you to relax and enjoy the party. 

Ernestine Jalandoni's Leg of Lamb with Mint Gravy | Jar Concengco

Ernestine Jalandoni's Leg of Lamb with Mint Gravy

This bone-in leg of lamb is perfect for feeding a crowd. Slow cooked and gently seasoned to maintain tenderness, every bite is rich with lovely, juicy flavor. And, you've got to admit, it will certainly make a magnificent statement on your table. Order from Ernestine Jalandoni Abes at (0918) 909-8850.

La Tasca's Mushroom Cannelloni | Jar Concengco

La Tasca's Mushroom Cannelloni

"My lashes literally flutter at the thought of having this cannelloni," says Chef Pixie. Created from the recipe of that culinary magician, the late Chef Ed Quimson, this cannelloni has layers of delicate pasta filled with mushroom duxelles encased in a velvety cream sauce. Each mouthful is a sublime combination of earthy, creamy luxury. Order from La Tasca Food To Go at 897-9749 or 

The Cookery Gourmet's Spinach and Feta Phyllo Triangles | Jar Concengco

The Cookery Gourmet Spinach and Feta Phyllo Triangles

Almost like Greek spanakopita, these little layers of perfectly crisp phyllo dough encase a creamy filling of spinach and feta cheese. This is a winner if you're craving some Middle Eastern flavor, says Chef Pixie. Chef Michelle Dinglasan Tomacruz, who created this dish, specializes in Moroccan food and is also famed for her Iberian chicken. Order from 8631-0541 or (0917) 812-2354, 

La Petite Fromagerie Double Brie | Jar Concengo

La Petite Fromagerie's Double Brie

This specialty appetizer features a gorgeous array of dried fruits and nuts on double brie, a type of  brie to which extra cream has been added before the curd forms. The result is an unbelievably creamy cheese with a dizzying percentage of butterfat (up to 75%, in some cases), with a mild, delicately nutty taste and a clean finish. It will look spectacular on the buffet table, and your guests will feel like VIPs. Each order comes with crostini, truffle honey, dried fruits and nuts. Order from La Petite Fromagerie.

Delicioso Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Jar Concengco

Delicioso Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Fresh, healthy and utterly delightful, a tray of these Vietnamese spring rolls will have dozens of transparent rice paper wrappers packed with shrimp, crisp lettuce, vermicelli and fresh herbs, all beautifully arranged on a party platter. They're ready to dip in peanut sauce, and even your carnivorous guests will be pleased. Order from Delicioso at (0917) 822-3354 or 502-0057.

Jenn Tan Mendoza's Chicken Galantina | Jar Concengco

Jenn Tan Mendoza's Chicken Galantina

This old-fashioned dish is the perfect choice when you're feeling sentimental or aiming for a traditional party. Made with extra glaze, a generous amount of filling, and cooked gently to retain the juiciness of the chicken, this is a guaranteed hit worthy of a regular spot on the Noche Buena table. Order from Jenn Tan Mendoza at (0995) 422-1067 or (0917) 848-1142.

Man Ho's Honey Glazed Duck | Jar Concengco

Man Ho at the Marriott's Honey Glazed Duck

Inspired by the German tradition of duck stuffing, this glistening bird is stuffed with Chinese herbs, vegetables and flavored glutinous rice then slow-cooked for four hours in the oven. It's perfect if you want to serve a spectacular dish with a Chinese twist, instead of the usual lechon. And the rice is satisfyingly sticky and tasty. Available for takeout, for only P3,988, until December 31, 2019. Order from Man Ho at Marriott Hotel Manila.

Happy Platters Lechon Porchetta | Jar Concengco

Happy Platters Lechon Porchetta

A huge hit for parties, Happy Ongpauco Tiu's irresistible porchetta cracklings have wonderfully crispy skin with a thin layer of oh-so-flavorful fat, and juicy meat permeated with rosemary, fennel and anise. Almost lechon, almost porchetta, it's a great meal that comes with a variety of sauces and rice. Order from, (0917) 899-0374 or here.

Pria's Kitchen Italian Sausage Paella | Jar Concengco

Pria's Kitchen Italian Sausage Paella

Pria Chiongbian Solon is a culinary professional whose cooking still retains that special comfort you associate with homecooked meals. Her paella is hearty, intriguingly different, yet familiar, too. "It's what I get when I want a bit of spice to my paella, yet yearn for comfort too," says Chef Pixie. Your hungry guests will love it. Order from or (0917) 819-0374.

The Plaza Premium Baked Ham | Jar Concengco

The Plaza Premium Baked Ham

Glistening with its glazed sugar crust, this bone in ham is a superstar on the buffet table. The recipe, more than 50 years old, has fresh, tender pork cured with a signature formula then lightly wood-smoked with herbs and spices. Finally, it's baked till moist, juicy and oozing with flavor. A great alternative to lechon, this can comfortably feed a party of 50. An order comes with homemade, very soft pan de sal. Order from (02) 7729-0001 to 03, (0917) 718-2200, or click here and here.

Alvin Ong' Baked Salmon | Jar Concengco

Alvin Ong's Baked Salmon

An old fashioned goodie, this Baked Salmon is tender and creamy with just the right amount of cheese on top. Order from

Betsy's Malabon Callos | Jar Concengco

Betsy's Malabon Callos

Rich with flavor and nostalgia, this dish will be a memorable addition to your party table. The ox tripe has been cooked to the right tenderness and softness, with a generous amount of meat and rich tomato sauce. Order from Betsy's Malabon at

Food styling by Pixie Rodrigo Sevilla