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No meat? No problem! Just Call These 9 Online Sources For All Your Seafood Needs

If you’re staying away from meat this Lenten season, or just want to add more seafood to your diet, then you can’t go wrong with these top picks for ready-to-eat seafood dishes or fresh seafood to cook at home—just one call or text away.


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1. Holy Crab

Call (0917) 560-0830, follow on Facebook or Instagram @theholycrabph

Thinking of ordering crabs for dinner? Holy Crab has got your fam. With 5 kinds of crab and shrimp platters to choose from—King Crabs & Shrimp Platter, Creamy Salted Egg Crabs, Thai Red Coco Curry, Signature Buttered Garlic Crabs & Shrimps, Crab Sotanghon, and Singaporean Black Pepper Crabs & Shrimps—you can have your fill of this favorite seafood tandem in different flavors all days of the week.


Photo from @theholycrabph


2. Pepita's Kitchen

Call (0906) 508-4155, follow on Facebook or Instagram @chickenmanmanila

Known for its luxe lechon line, Pepita’s Kitchen also carries seafood offerings fit for Lent. One is the super indulgent Hiplog, shrimps with salted egg sauce—perfect to eat with pasta or rice. Another is the Crab Gulong Gulong, a saucy crab sensation that might make you literally roll in delight.


Hiplog photo courtesy of @lechon_diva


Crab Gulong Gulong | Photo by Pat Buenaobra


3. Chicken Man Manila

Call (0906) 508-4155, follow on Facebook or Instagram @chickenmanmanila

For a light yet incredibly flavorful meal, order Stevie Villacin’s Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Chow down on plump shrimps, fresh herbs, and vermicelli neatly packed and rolled in thin rice paper. They all go so perfectly well with the savory peanut sauce that comes with every order.


Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Photo from @chickenmanmanila



4. Masamune Kitchen

Call (0916) 560-1117, follow on Facebook or Instagram

This humble online kitchen offers Asian specialties as its main repertoire. The bestseller is the beautifully presented Baked Salmon Aburi—think of a baked salmon fillet glazed with a special sauce that’s been torched for good measure. It is then garnished with crispy salmon skin for added texture and thrill. Each order comes with sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. If you’re still craving for more seafood dishes from Masamune, then have a go of the Cereal Prawns and Prawn Salad.        


Baked Salmon Aburi | Photo from


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5. Lily and Rose

Call (0927) 814-9151, follow on Facebook or Instagram @lilyandrosemanila

Seafood in pasta may seem passé, but not with Lily and Rose. They make theirs with a lot of flavor and oomph that you’ll want to order again and again even after Easter. Try the Crab Fat Spaghetti—al dente noodles topped decadently with a thick sauce made of crab fat, and made more tempting with whole shrimps. Another option is the Tuyonesca, a creative take on the classic Puttanesca leveled up with the addition of tuyo flakes.  


Crab Fat Spaghetti | Photo from @lilyandrosemanila


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6. The Home Ground  

Call (0906) 508-4155, follow on Facebook or Instagram @thehomeground

The Home Ground’s Seafood Paella is a delicious masterpiece that’s perfect for intimate gatherings and get togethers during Lent. Loaded with mouthwatering toppings like prawns, clams, and mussels plus assorted vegetables, this magnificent main will totally win any hungry crowd.   


Photo from @thehomeground





7. Marvs Boqueria

Call (0917) 851-2732, follow on Facebook or Instagram

With a tagline “we’ll try to catch them for you,” it just goes to show how much this seafood purveyor will do what it takes to satisfy your seafood craving. Trust Marvs Boqueria to get your seafood fix with fish varieties like red snapper, yellowfin goatfish, dalagang bukid, asuhos, espada, black and/or white pampano, and many others. Orders can even be cleaned, gutted, and cut to specifications.


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8. Wild Caught PH

Call (0917) 539-3144, (0920) 925-1659, follow on Facebook or Instagram @wildcaughtph

This seafood brand takes pride in offering all wild caught products, making your seafood clean, high-quality, and naturally grown. The line includes octopus, baby cuttlefish, clams, snapper fillets, red and/or black lapu-lapu, and sushi-grade tuna. To maintain the freshness of the products, the seafood undergoes blast freezing to capture its pristine quality.     


Photo from @wildcaughtph


9. Lobster House Manila

Call (0917) 503-2860, (02) 505-1474, follow on Instagram @lobsterhousemanila

Crustacean lovers should have Lobster House Manila on their speed dial. As one of the metro’s dependable shore-to-door delivery services, this seafood supplier will get you your crustacean craving in a jiff. Enjoy different lobster varieties like tiger lobster, spiny lobster, bamboo lobster, or slipper lobster as well as assorted crabs like curacha (spanner crabs), blue crabs, or king crab. Other specialties include fresh uni, scallops still in shells, and abalone. Some special seafood though like pistol shrimps and sea mantis are only available depending on the season, so best to ask first for their availability.     


Fresh uni | Photo from @lobsterhousemanila



Lead photo by Pat Buenaobra , and @lechon_diva