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No Flowers Or Chocolates, Please! Give Us Any One Of These Sweet Treats For Valentine’s Day Instead

Flowers die after a few days and chocolates, we can buy for ourselves in the supermarket any day. But sweets? As they say, we’ve got a separate stomach to store and digest desserts!

Valentine’s Day has always meant a bouquet of overpriced flowers and oversized chocolate bars, and are more often than not too big for us to carry anyway, so you end up lugging them around as we add ourselves to the already crowded malls.

Let’s make a better version of Valentine’s Day this year, shall we? Let’s dress down in our most comfortable pajamas, crawl in bed with Game of Thrones, and ravage a box of sweet treats that will fill our beds with crumbs of satisfying goodness.

So boys and girls, here are some sweet treats suggestions that we’d love to receive more than your usual happy meal deal for Valentine’s Day.


Floral cupcakes by Richelle Floral Cakes

Bouquet of roses? Okay, that’s cute. But a dozen rose cupcakes? Double yay! Richelle’s cupcakes feature moist and not-too-sweet cupcakes that make for a perfect base for her beautiful, perfectly piped buttercream flowers that are almost ice cream-like smooth in texture. Together, the cupcake is both a work of art and treat that you won’t want to stop eating because it’s the perfect balance of sweet, chocolatey, and creamy.

It took Richelle Libunao almost a decade to perfect her creations, baking since 2009 to save herself after a failed marriage. But all those years of hard work, passion, and love for sweets indeed has given birth to these beautiful creations that would make your heart happy and your tummy satisfied.

Richelle’s floral cupcakes are available in four flavors—choco moist, red velvet, choco chiffon, and vanilla chiffon—and a variety of buttercream designs for P1,200 per dozen. They can hold for up to 2 days at room temperature and 5-7 days in the fridge. Our dozen lasted for an hour because we ate them all in one seating. We’re not sorry.

Order via @richellefloralcakes


Kilig Cookies by Musko Bakery


You can give us your heart but that won’t make us full. Give us these chocolate cookie hearts and we’ll probably say “yes” to anything. Cookies are probably one of the most popular treats that you can buy anywhere, but that only gives you plenty of opportunities to fail and buy a really bad one. For a chunky, chewy cookie that’s rich but not too sweet, get these Kilig Cookies from Musko Bakery.

Musko Bakery started out from Carms de Guzman’s simple, yet strong love for food and all the moments attached to it. And at the heart of their products are high-quality local products. They only use award-winning local Malagos dark chocolate for their cookies—and they won’t skimp on the big chunks, too! So every bite is a heavenly medley of chewy goodness, bittersweet chocolate, and a zing of rock salt that gives that extra layer of texture of flavor.

Get a box of six Kilig Cookies for P470 or a big giant heart cookie for P175, which can last up to 10 days at room temperature or up to 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. Made with love and surely will be consumed with love. Pray we won’t love these cookies more than you!

Order via @muskobakery


Kawaii Macarons by Betsubara MNL


Have you ever tried so hard to eat something but you just can’t bring yourself to? That’s going to be your problem with these macarons—but not for the usual reasons you won’t eat something. It’s because these macarons are so cute, your conscience won’t let you sleep as you bite into the face of a cute little panda or bunny…

Aptly named Kawaii macarons (kawaii means “cute” in Japanese), these are delightful treats that you can’t stop calling “so cuuuuute!” They come in six flavors that are represented by a different animal design—Tory for mango, Grizzie for chocnut, Usagi for strawberry, Snow for dulce de leche, Neko for salted caramel, and Panda for cookies and cream.

Betsubara translates to “there’s always room for dessert” in Japanese, that’s why Mia Criselle Feliciano, the owner behind the brand, decided to learn more and eventually start creating Japanese confectioneries.

A box of 3 costs P140 and a box of six with all the flavors is P270. Consume immediately or keep refrigerated for up to 3 days if you want to take care of them like little food pets.

Order via @betsubaramnl


Vegan treats by The Baking Owl


Something sweet for the vegan in your life? She doesn’t have to miss out on anything good like Adiel Jade Alojado who created The Baking Owl in 2017 when she turned vegan for health and ethical reasons. Her apple muffins are made with fresh organic apples and preservative-free applesauce so you get an egg- and dairy-free muffin that’s moist, flavorful, and is good to the environment, too. Pair with a cup of hot tea for a soothing afternoon.

Good crinkles are also amazingly hard to find. You want a not-so-sweet piece that’s rich and chewy and chocolatey. And The Baking Owl’s crinkles? They get extra points because they’re completely vegan-friendly, too, and feature a secret ingredient: flaxseeds! More than as an egg substitute, flaxseeds have much less calories and fat, no cholesterol, and are rich in fiber and Omega 3.



They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Get four so you steer clear of all kinds of doctors. These apples are good for your health, y’all! Grab a box of four apple muffins for P160.

Order via @thebakingowlph


Mango Dreamcake by Le Sucre Lab


Yup, there’s a new dreamcake in town. We’ve already had dozens of Le Sucre’s phenomenal Chocolate Dreamcake delivered to our doorsteps and we’re not sorry about it. So when Le Sucre Lab announced they’re making a new flavor, who in their right mind would resist? Rich white sponge cake, creamy whipped custard, and generous fresh mango bits comprise the layers of this new Mango Dreamcake. And after one bite, we know we’re not going back to our old mango graham-eating selves.

Chef Marvin Bagube only started his dessert lab in Sta. Ana in 2017 but today, Le Sucre Lab is already churning thousands of tin cans of yummy goodness 24/7. And for someone as talented and passionate about food like him, we’re only expecting more amazing flavors and phenomenal creations in the next months.

In the meantime, grab a tin of his Mango Dreamcake for P595. Have one delivered to you via Lalamove’s pabili service. Check out @lslchocolates for more info.



Photos by Paulo Valenzuela