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8 Heavenly Tiramisu You Can Order For Delivery

We're sharing our our favorite versions of this beloved Italian dessert

What was your earliest memory of tiramisu?

I remember when I was a kid still living in Pampanga, how my mom would make tiramisu for special occasions like birthdays and Noche Buena. I looked forward to these occasions, mainly because I got to help her make the tiramisu. I was about ten or eleven when I would put on an apron and whisk together the ingredients in a bowl. It was like starring in my very own cooking show.

In our household, tiramisu was never made with coffee or egg yolks—the way it should be. Instead, mom's tiramisu was made with layers of graham crackers, a mixture of  what we called “Nesel cream” and condensed milk, and a can of fruit cocktail. Yup, we grew up thinking tiramisu was actually crema de fruta.

Looking back, after several years and countless tubs of real tiramisu, I guess my mom was kind of right all along. Crema de fruta, graham cake, and mango float—in one way or another—were variations of the tiramisu.

We Filipinos are great at making do with what we have, especially back when imported ingredients like mascarpone weren't so easy to find in the supermarkets. We just used what we had, and whipped up something delicious with it.

Nowadays, we’re lucky to have access to more authentic versions of dishes from all around the world. Browse through Grab or foodpanda and you can literally taste the world from your couch. And with Instagram and Facebook revolutionizing e-commerce, creating a platform for talented home cooks to showcase and offer what they have to more people, any craving is just simply a tap or DM away.

Interestingly, the origins of tiramisu is pretty hard to pinpoint, especially when various Italian regions—Veneto, Siena, and Friuli Venezia Giulia, to name a few—are fighting over who gets the recognition for inventing tiramisu. Veneto claims it was their brothels in Treviso that started serving tiramisu as a sort of aphrodisiac. Others say it was towards the end of the 17th century in Siena when it was first created in honor of their Grand Duke Cosimo III. There was also evidence that its semi-frozen ancestor, tiremesu, was first served at a restaurant in Friuli Venezia Giulia in 1938.

I found it interesting that in the same way that we can argue all day about where tiramisu first started, we can also argue all day about what form it should officially take. Should tiramisu be about the coffee notes? Can it be fruity? Should it be sweet or bitter or maybe even citrus-y?

We say: why not let it be anything it can be?

In the same spirit that my mom had when creating her tiramisu—the version that made us happy and full—I say we should let people run wild with what they can do with tiramisu. And honestly, it’s nice to see all the creativity and versatility that come into play. 

Whether you like your tiramisu traditional and classic, or with a new twist,  a different twist to it, there’s a tiramisu version to suit your palate. Browse through our selections below and you might just find your perfect match. 

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