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Editor’s Picks: 15 Delectable Ube Treats To Indulge In Right Now

You'll love these delectable desserts that come in beautiful hues of lavender, bruised purple, or rich aubergine

When New York’s Manila Social Club came out with their Golden Cristal Ube doughnuts back in 2016, it sparked an obsession with ube that was quite unprecedented. Suddenly, people in the ‘States couldn’t stop posting beautifully-styled shots of ube in all possible iterations, from doughnuts to pancakes to gelato. Refinery29 hit the nail on the head when it called ube  the “beautiful food people can’t stop Instagramming.” 

We Pinoys could have told them a thing or two about ube. Gorgeous in hue, fragrant, with a particular sweetness subtly nuanced with nuttiness, ube is a much favored ingredient in Filipino cooking, often used in traditional foods like kakanin, halaya, and halo halo. These days, we're loving how ube has become ubiquitous, making it’s way into a delicious repertoire of goodies, from cookies and cheesecakes, to gelatos and breads. Yes, ube is definitely trending (again), and we suggest you don't miss out on the experience. Don't worry, we've picked our 15 favorites that you can have delivered to your door right now.