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10 Nifty Tips For Throwing A Fun & Festive Christmas Party, According To Metro Home's Anton Barretto

Christmas is 6 days away! It's officially the party season. You'll be attending a lot of parties, and then perhaps throw one. The challenge lies in how you can make yours different from all the celebrations your family and friends have attended or will be attending.

Yes, thankfully, there's a wealth of inspiration available online when it comes to themes and table settings, but it can get pretty overwhelming. So, here, we sought the help of design expert Anton Barretto, Metro Home & Entertaining magazine's Editor-in-Chief and Metro Home TV host, who showed a fun and festive yet chic and elegant tablescape he put together for a Christmas party. He also shared some nifty tricks to achieve a visually delightful and absolutely Instagrammable setup the guests will love.  


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Hit two birds with one stone by choosing the practical and tried-and-tested route: a good mix of florals, Christmas accents, and ready-to-eat treats. “Centerpieces had flowers mixed with pine cones, fresh berries and Christmas balls. There were tiered servers with pastillas wrapped in hand-cut paper—pretty to look at and edible, too, so it’s a practical touch because your guests can eat them or take them home,” Anton says. Delicious food by Via Mare was complemented by flowers from Floriade Flower Shop and trinkets from Triboa Bay Living in this simple yet classy table setting.


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The Metro Channel host also lists down his must-dos when preparing for an excellent bash. Take note of these reminders!


1. Work on the guest list.

“This will determine head count and give you an idea of the age range of your guests.”


2. Choose your venue.

“Now that you have established how many people are invited, will you host at home or find a venue?”


3. Plan the menu.

“If you choose to prepare at home, will you cook? If you cook, make sure you come up with a menu that will be convenient to prepare especially if you have a lot of guests. If the menu is quite complicated, take stock of time—make sure you prepare what can be done in advance. To make things easy, you may also opt to go to your favorite restaurant. You may also find a venue for a more intimate setup.”



4. Have it catered.

“If you’re not one to cook or if you find a venue that does not provide food,catering is always a convenient option. There’s no need to worry about food, plus there will be waiters, tables, chairs, and everything else you’ll need.”


5. Think of entertainment.

“What will your guests enjoy? At the very least, have music. A good playlist will surely help entertain your guests,” Anton advises. "Get a singer to regale the guests with Christmas carols, invite a DJ to play some tunes in between sets of the singer, and have a possible open mic in case guests want to sing!” 


6. Consider the kids.

“If you have a lot of children, give them activities, set their table with coloring books and crayons, or you can also have simple games,” Anton says. Hire a dance machine with a monitor for the children, so that both the adults and the little ones will have their share of entertainment!


7. Consider your nannies, too.

“Don’t forget to set a table for the nannies. They, too, have to eat.”


8. Create an impressive setup.

“Get a florist to provide décor—a good party is remembered because of the décor.”


9. Don't forget about the drinks, of course!

Set up a gin bar, because what better way to enjoy the festivities than party in (and with!) good spirits?!


10. Prepare giveaways.

“It’s always a thoughtful touch to send your guests home with something to remember a special occasion by.”




Photography by Daniel Soriano