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Luxury Dinnerware Rental Business Casa Luxia Celebrates Its First Anniversary!

To celebrate her first year in the business, its owner Ginger King-Villavicencio collaborated with the most sought-after event stylists in the Philippines to come up with tablescapes inspired by their beautiful plates

A standing ovation is due to Ginger King Villavicencio

The woman behind Casa Luxia, Manila's first-ever luxury dinnerware rental service, is celebrating her first year in the business. But with the successes now tucked neatly under her cap, it truly feels like she's been around for much longer, wowing party after party and client after client with her breathtaking collection.

casa luxia celebrates its first anniversary 0
In just a few, short months, this pioneering entrepreneur found new and inspiring ways to elevate the metro's event styling industry, winning the hearts of a well-heeled clientele that includes celebrity stylist Kim Yap, beauty mogul Dr. Vicki Belo, actress Julia Barretto, internationally acclaimed makeup artist Albert Kurniawan, and earning the respect from her peers in the industry.

Ginger King-Villavicencio

Among her peers, she's a growing legend of sorts whose story is just as impressive as the tablescapes she creates; once a member of her family business, Ginger took a leap of faith and let her gut lead the way, breaking away from her corporate background to pursue a lifelong passion of entertaining and decorating. However intimidated as Ginger was then of risk and the unknown, today, she's self-assured and incredibly fulfilled, not once looking back at the decisions she made to get to where she is now. 

It's surreal to see how far Ginger and her business have gone as we look back to the first time we met Ginger in November last year—in a posh apartment, watching her put together a couple of holiday-inspired tablescapes of red, pine green, and gold. Nervous at first about whether or not her setups were photo-ready and exuded enough elegance, Ginger was still just stretching her wings.

But stretch them she did and now, she flies with confidence, kissing the sky and plucking the fruits of heaven itself with the heights she's reached. 

Our assessment of Ginger was accurate: she was just a diamond in the rough waiting to be polished by experience, time, and of course, her very own hard work. 


And now that Ginger shines with the beauty of the most valuable gem of all, we were happy to see her in element at The Peninsula Manila's Conservatory hosting an intimate dinner for Casa Luxia's first year in the industry—a success she can proudly claim to be her own.  

The five-star venue proved to be the perfect setting for the Casa Luxia anniversary showcase: 10 tablescapes and dinner setups created by her partners and industry friends were put together around her luxurious collections of plates, flatware, dinnerware, and tabletop accents.

Before the event officially began, guests were given ample time to explore the lavish exhibit and take photos of each creation, all of them bursting with unique personalities.

casa luxia celebrates its first anniversary 0
Ginger stands alongside her industry partners and friends who showcased their talents at the event

Showing the many styles and stories that Casa Luxia can whip up and tell, these 10 experts in the field came up with their very own tablescape designs, inspired by the plates of the emerging brand:  

Gideon Hermosa

Theme: French Chinoiserie 

In true Gideon fashion, this tablescape is bursting with character; it features opulent details that mix Oriental and Western elements into one visually rich, cohesive, and romantic setting. With a blue and white plate as the jump-off point, the result was irresistibly fresh to the eyes, all the different accents coming together beautifully and having their share of spotlight. 

Teddy Manuel

Theme: Blush pink and black

A feminine shade with a striking punch, this tablescape features soft shades of blush pink and dramatic touches of black. The combination of the two shades results into a sophisticated design whose "high contrast and high style," Teddy says, "will add instant flair to your wedding." 

Badang Rueda

Theme: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

With a blue and white floral plate to work around with, Badang had the clever idea of incorporating the traditional concept of having the bride wear four good-luck objects on her wedding day. The tablescape he created for Casa Luxia's first anniversary features a tall centerpiece that showcases his undeniable talent in floral design. 

Jo Claravall

Theme: The Duchess

If the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, would throw an intimate party with her closest friends, Jo thinks the table setting for it would look something like this: elegant, chic, and timeless. Overall, she described her white and gold tablescape as one that exemplified "refinement at its finest." The cascading flower centerpiece complemented the brown and white floral plate set on a gold charger.  

Nikki Chatto

Theme: Blush-Femmé

This is how a tablescape with high octane drama, executed with a tasteful flair, is meant to look like. Romantic shades of blush mixed with white, metallic, and gold make this composition luxurious and lavish. It was like the flowers from the featured plates were brought to life through the lush floral centerpiece.

Gary Dacanay

Theme: Poignant Sashay

Gary used two seemingly contradicting words to describe his tablescape, but the feeling his creation elicits is sheer bliss. Taking cue from the orchid-designed plates, he elevated the inspiration to come u with a "dramatic cascade of wild orchids in rose gold glimmer." Sharing the spotlight with the Casa Luxia plates was his towering bird's nest and orchid centerpiece that tied all the setting's elements together.


Dave Sandoval

Theme: Grandeur in Simplicity

To highlight the true stars of the tablescapethe beautiful plates from Casa LuxiaDave went for an understated and elegant all-white creation that was truly visually refreshing. Simple yet statement-making, this table setting proved that one can never go wrong with the classics. The gold accents lent a luxurious touch that gave the tablescape the feeling of grandeur. 

Michael Ruiz

Theme: Natural beauty of nature

With the gorgeous leaves adorning the Casa Luxia plates, Michael's concept couldn't have been more appropriate. Set on black and white striped chargers, the plates were interpreted with a kind of sophisticated minimalism that "transcends time and culture." The natural beauty of nature is exactly this: clean, simple, and fuss-free.

Randy Lazaro

Theme: A velvet imagination of grandiose art

Featuring a chic Megan Hess plate set on a red charger, this tablescape showcased a generous serving of romantic blooms. In line with Casa Luxia's goal of elevating dining setups and redefining tabletop curation, Randy created an art through a grandiose combination of various elements that altogether make a stunning whole. 

Kaye Garcia

Theme: Birds

For Kaye, Casa Luxia plates are a necessity in today's ever-evolving eventscape. Choosing a salad plate with bird design as her inspiration, she elevated the concept of her tablescape into a creation that featured a rich and vibrant arrangement of orchids. "There is something so elegant and artistic about birds," Kaye said. If paradise would take the form of a table setting, this one clearly painted a beautiful picture for it.  


However, the special occasion's highlight had to be the intimate dinner hosted by Ginger herself where her husband and father both delivered heartwarming speeches full of praise for her, entertainment ensued, and delicious fare filled guests' tummies and hearts alike.

In pure Casa Luxia fashion, the space was completely transformed thanks to Ginger's sharp eye for detail and with her choice of black velvets, metallic cutlery, marble-accented plates and classic glassware, everything oozed with sophistication and thoughtful decorating. 

With just one year catapulting Ginger to unpredicted heights, we can't wait to see what the next two, three, or even 10 years will be.

Congratulations to Casa Luxia! 

Photographs courtesy of Casa Luxia