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Charisse Tinio Shares Her 3 Party Essentials When Entertaining At Home

Even though she already knew her way around the kitchen even as a little girl, Charisse Tinio is happy to describe herself as just “a mommy cook who likes beautiful things and delicious stuff.” She adds, “They all call me the Martha Stewart of the barkada because I like doing things at home. I’m a happy type of person and I’m colorful, all positive, no nega. When your vibe is like that, I believe it will cascade to everything you do.”


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As the owner of Nice Print Photography and Print Divas, Charisse is very organized even when she is just at home planning her monthly dinner parties.


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Party preparation

For a dinner to be successful, whether it’s big or intimate, Charisse believes it’s all about planning things well. “I write everything. Even in this age of iPhones and iPads, I prefer to use paper and pen and write down my menu. I start planning four days before I start ordering the flowers and the cake. I try to make each party different so that no party is the same. When I invite friends over, I’m never going to serve just two or three dishes because I always want to have extra. I think I got that from my mom who was always graciosa,” she shares.


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The plate room

Charisse’s favorite party elements are the conversation pieces in her plate and platter collection, which is housed in its very own plate room. “I can do Mexican party, tea party, Easter egg hunt party décor, Christmas and Halloween. I am ready for any themed party: movie night party, and even pizza party, complete with the small pizza boxes for takout,” she says.


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Holiday spread

For last Christmas, Charisse’s spread consisted of three kinds of mushroom soup with truffle oil, baked prime rib served with risotto. “Risotto is so simple, but it’s so hard to do. I’m fortunate that my sister is married to an Italian so I learned from the best,” she admits. Another thing she pays special attention to are the hors d’oeuvres, which she serves in her favorite serving dish. “I like appetizers more than anything else in the course. It’s like an introduction of what you’re going to be tasting the whole night. I would make the hors d’oeuvres myself but it’s so time-consuming. If you want it to work and be pleasing to the eyes, it has to be assorted, which I order from Bizu,” she says.


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Charisse Tinio’s Party Essentials


The hors d’oeuvre holder. “I place them on little metal spoons, which I saw in a hotel. I found out who their supplier was and I went to their factory and that’s how I now have several hotel-feel serving platters (laughs)”



Le Creuset cookware. “I love them because I get to cook in it and serve in it as well. They’re beautiful. They’re sturdy. They’re functional. I have all shapes and colors.”



Flower arrangement by Dave Sandoval. “He’s a very, very good events stylist and a good friend. I would just send him my pegs and he’ll just have the flower arrangements delivered with the vase already. Perfect.”


*This article was originally published in Metro Home & Entertaining magazine. 


Photographs by Jar Concengco for Metro Home & Entertaining