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Fun and Easy DIY Crafts For Your Easter Celebration

This year, make Easter that much more special by getting the kids involved in the preparations

This may be the most unusual Easter for us.  This year, there will be no trip to the church or celebration with extended family and friends, but don’t let that hold you back from making it special.  Involve the kids in preparing for it by making some Easter crafts you can use on your Easter table.

On the benefits of encouraging art and craft in children, we spoke with Camilla Magsaysay, a Montessori casa teacher at IDEAS Montessori. “Arts and crafts are so important especially for children because it develops a part of their personality. The child is also able to interpret his or her emotions and interests. In art, the child is given so much freedom and self-expression. These are characteristics that make them feel loved and welcomed in the classroom. In a more practical aspect, craft work allows the children to refine their fine motor skills and develop their focus and concentration,” Teacher Camilla said.

Teacher Camilla Habana Magsaysay with her students at IDEAS Montessori

A graduate of the Montessori Northwest in Portland and Montessori Education at Loyola Maryland, Teacher Camille shares this simple and easy Easter Placemat DIY: