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Gideon Hermosa's Red And Gold Candle-Lit Tablescape Is Fit For A Queen

Who said only big events deserved to be dressed up? 

Florist and event stlylist Gideon Hermosa proves that even the most intimate of events that have been thoughtfully prepared for a few can be just as beautiful, or even more so. After all, a smaller setup gives way for participants to concentrate on the company surrounding them and to appreciate the spread that lies before them. 

Teaming up with Casa Luxia for a private luncheon to show exactly what he means, Gideon came up with a breathtaking red and gold candle-lit table spread for the Aivee Cafe, successfully transforming the venue's minimalist surroundings into a glowing haven of luxe plushness. 


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Gideon's signature elements of design were all present at the function: a generous amount of florals (all real and fresh, of course) in bold reds and flirtatious fuchsias combined with a play on light and shadow resulting from both natural and indoor lighting and accent flatware and cutlery as the final touch. 


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Instagram-worthy as the tablescape was at first glance, its real beauty lied in the fact that it could be appreciated from both afar and up close—that's the magic of Gideon's touch and his intense attention to detail.

From every angle, something is worth examining much closer; you'll soon notice how making use of a reflective table top added a little extra sparkle and warmth to the room, or how picking statement-making plates that complemented the chairs as well as the marble floor created a subtle sense of continuity and unity. 



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It was, as a whole, a setup fit for a queen—the queen of the universe, at that!

Doctors Aivee and Z Teo hosted the lunch for none other than Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray who they welcomed back home.


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Intimate lunch with Cat ♥? This busy bee - The Queen of the Universe???? Catch up time after her big win??

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The intimate gathering likewise coincided with the close of Catriona's incredibly hectic homecoming weekend. We're totally happy indulging in the visual feast that's another of Gideon's small-scale masterpieces, one meant for a select group of VIP diners, but stunning nonetheless.

See the setup in the gallery below!




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