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Throwing A Summer Party At Home? Here's A Chic Tablescape Inspiration By "The Spoiled Mummy" Grace Baja


On a hot summer day, Metro.Style visited "The Spoiled Mummy" Grace Barbers-Baja in her home, where she prepared for us an elegant, summer chic tablescape.

"The Spoiled Mummy" began in 2012, after the birth of Grace's third child, when she decided she needed an outlet to share her thoughts, travel experiences, and other hobbies and interests. By "spoiled," Grace doesn't  mean lying around and doing nothing; for her, it means giving yourself a chance to appreciate life more and reward yourself a little because you deserve it after all. 

Eventually, Grace established a name in the local home and entertaining scene with her own brands, Grace Home, which offers chic home accessories, and Taste by Grace Home that specializes in artisanal food items.


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"I was naturally curious about cooking. I mean, I love food, and my husband loves food and eventually as we built this house, I realized that we started inviting friends and family over and without me knowing it, I was actually entertaining," she narrates.

"You know, I keep on reiterating the fact that we, mummies, also deserve to pursue our passions, not let go of our creative side, if we have it in us, and continue to enjoy what we have been doing. So my blog evolved into that kind of lifestyle blog, talking about that kind of lifestyle. And three years after the blog was born, I realized I loved creating products myself, too. And If I can sell other people's brands or other people's products because of my blog, I can probably sell my own brand or my own product as well," she continues.


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These two ventures have been very successful. Part of her best-selling products are the to-die-for cheese pairing jams (Black Grapes and Pistachios, Figs and Almond with Truffle Honey, and Two Tomatoes Habaneros with Sage).

Her three newest products are the Spiced Rosemary Honey with Pink Peppercorns, the Organic Spinach Mushroom Chimichurri, and the Organic Tomatoes and Kaffir Lime Chutney.


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Grace's take on hosting and table setting

How Grace styles her tables for parties or gatherings at home basically depends on her guests, the season, and the occasion.

"For women, all the details, the table setting, the art have to be there. But for the men, they couldn't care less. So it really depends on your guests, in terms of table setting. Also, the seasons, it's summer so I'm using white and blue for this table setting... but if it's Christmas, my table setting is different—it's gold with candelabras, flowers are red, plates are, you know, I have black. Very dramatic. But because I was thinking of summer and Mother's day, it's blue, white, and pink for the mothers," she explains.

"When I have predominantly male guests, I really add a lot of meat, like beef, lamb, and pork. And when I mostly have women, my girlfriend's who are usually 'on a diet,' they won't eat pasta or rice and some prefer gluten-free, so I tailor-fit my menu," Grace shares.


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Check out the gallery, to see the elements that make up this elegant and summer chic tablescape Grace Baja put together for this shoot:




Produced by Isabella Lichauco

Photographs by Daniel Soriano