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Inside Happy Ongpauco-Tiu's Private Dining Rooms That You Can Book For Your Own Events

Bespoke—it's the best and only word that can be used to describe of restaurateur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu's most unique business concepts: highly personalized private dining. 

Following the footsteps of the ventures that have come before it, Private Dining by the Happy Ongpauco Group is thoughtful and sincere in what it does: provide clients with elegantly themed events comprising of a full course of their chosen cuisine, a taste of the culture its born from, and a stunning setup that appeals to all the senses. 



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Happy is without doubt that her new private dining experience is a game-changer, a totally new experience for even the most discerning palates around.

According to this business owner, private dining and her team has never been done in Manila—or at least, not on this scale of expert curation—and she's over the moon to have been one of first to introduce it (if not, indeed, the first) to those looking for a service just like it. 


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"I have a menu for my food, a menu for the uniforms of my waiters, [and] a plate library where my clients can actually choose what they want to use for the event. I have a storage room where they can choose what table accessories to use. Soon, I'm unveiling my menu of dining rooms," shares Happy, exuding eagerness for what she's about to contribute to Manila's culinary scene, and rightly so. 


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In essence, she'll be turning clients' most vivid dreams of a beautifully produced event and meal into a tangible—and edible—reality. With what Happy has in store, one no longer needs to attend a wedding, a big birthday bash, or any other formal occasion to be presented with such an experience. 



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Best of all, Happy's private dining venture is a one-stop shop business for those looking to throw an event in need of all these elements. She and her team have clients covered from table setup to menu, from proper flatware and silverware to ambiance and décor.


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This is all due to the fact that Happy, aside from being an immensely successful entrepreneur, is also a trained chef who constantly expands her knowledge, an avid traveler who brings home the different dining cultures she's exposed to, and a natural hostess who's always had a penchant for entertaining. 


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"We would hold a lot of parties and family gatherings at home, so I would really collect plates. When I travel, I buy plates from the countries that I visit. I'd buy the silverware and serving ware, just because I also wanted to not only cook the cusine, but at the same time, learn the culture. So that when I come back home, I wouldn't only cook the cuisine, but also present the culture," she explains. 



Back in my version of Disneyland ??????

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Her private dining business has since taken flight and maintained its altitude since being launched three years ago, and today, Happy is glad to give new and existing clients something new to look forward to: three private dining rooms that they can use for their events to augment the experience of themed dining. 


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Located in Makati, San Juan, and Roxas, the rooms can be personalized to fit a client's vision, be it a simple setup for a Sunday family brunch or something more elaborate for a friend's extra special birthday. 

How it works is straightforward, too; the rates for use of one of Happy's private dining rooms are simply for the food and flowers, and use of the room is free of charge. The plates, cutlery, glasses, and other décor are likewise not included, as they are all part of Happy's personal collection that she's more than happy to lend to clients. 



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Overall, be confident about parterning with Happy and her team; she's not only been in this industry for as long as she can remember, but she has also stayed because of the satisfaction that fills her when her creativity and passion manifest in the exact ways her clients had envisioned. 

Scroll through the gallery below to see Happy's private dining rooms, and let your imagination do the rest! 




For more information and updates about Private Dining by the Happy Ongpauco Group, visit their official website and follow Happy Ongpauco-Tiu on Instagram. 


Photos from Happy Ongpauco-Tiu