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Inside Happy Ongpauco-Tiu’s Private Home That's Especially Made For Entertaining

We get to tour the private home of the queen of entertaining and catering

When we hear Happy Ongapuco-Tiu’s name, two things immediately come to mind: food and entertaining. She's the granddaughter of Chit Ongpauco, the founder of Barrio Fiesta, and has practically been surrounded by food her entire life. Her passion for food led her to building and managing several concept restaurants to her name like Pamana, Tsokolateria, Le Chon, and more.

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A part of her company and brand, the Happy Concept Group, is Private Dining by Happy Concept Group. Apart from the amazing menu and spreads that come with Happy’s catering concept, what sets it apart from many caterers is Happy’s panache for quirky, stylish, and interesting themes that make every dinner a dinner to remember.

Happy opens the doors of her private entertaining home to Metro Channel, and Metro Home hosts Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez and Anton Barretto take us on a tour around her beautiful space.

A natural entertainer

The idea of making a business out of entertaining and catering came naturally for Happy since she loved collecting home items, dinnerware, serveware, and cutlery from all over the world. “So why not do it also for other people since I have the things and the people? It is easy for me to cater,” Happy says about Private Dining by Happy Concept Group.

This private home where Happy welcomed Metro Channel into is actually the fourth home she had built for entertaining purposes. But unlike others, which are available for her catering services, this one is for her own personal private use, where she hosts her friends and family.

Like the dinners she hosts, the house itself has a theme. She asked her good friend and notable designer Chat Flores to design the space, and told her she wanted it to be timeless but quirky. And this design direction spills over from the design of the home into the details that go into Happy’s rooms and tables.

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Dining tables

Inside the home are two dining tables: one main dining table with a nice view of the outside, and a more intimate dining table hidden in her storage area.

The main dining table sits more people and speaks of elegance and class. Just like all of Happy’s other setups, she makes sure that she designs the table from the centerpiece to the plates to the quirky little cats that make the already stunning glassware even more interesting.

Across the main dining table behind what seem like glass walls is the kitchen, where all the magic happens. A chef’s dream kitchen, it is made with a spacious granite countertop for prep work, a huge oven for batches of baking, and an herb rack where fresh herbs and vegetables are organized.

The smaller dining table is located in the middle of what she calls her storage area, where the serveware, vases, and candle holders are kept. It is a lot smaller than the main dining table, and is a place where Happy says she hosts more intimate dinners.

Happy’s playground

One of the things that immediately attract attention in any dinner is the plate, and Happy takes plating seriously. In fact, she has a plate library, which she calls her playground, where mountains and piles of plates are neatly stacked and displayed.

“Collecting plates and vases relaxes me,” says Happy. And one can notice that her plates, just like her sense of style in the dining room, are both classic and quirky. 


Another interesting part of Happy’s entertaining home is the cinema, a comfy nook inside her otherwise glamorous home. The cinema is outfitted with a number of La-Z Boy chairs for optimum movie-watching experience, and even a snack bar that has a popcorn maker.

According to Happy, the cinema is not only for her family, it also doubles as a cocktail area when she’s receiving guests, so they can hang out and loosen up a bit before the dinner.

Just like in the other rooms, Happy’s sense of quirkiness is again reflected in the cinema room through the throw pillow accents. “I want it playful because I want to invite happiness into the experience,” says Happy about her choice of décor.

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