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Hassle-Free Home Entertaining: Dulce Magat-Gibb's "A Table" Allows You To Have Private Dinners At This Hostess' Home


Entering Dulce Magat-Gibb’s condominium unit at Three Salcedo Building in Makati City, one will notice the décor arranged right in front of her door. 

Dulce showed some of the dishes she prepared for a Middle Eastern-themed dinner for her friends. The entire place was filled with red flowers. The table setting included red astromania flowers, candles, fresh fruits such as pomegranates and oranges, name plates, and colored beads, which gave a mix of vibrant and contrasting colors that added fun to the Middle Eastern-themed table setting.

“I am hosting a Middle Eastern private dinner tonight for my friends and I kind of went over-the-top, mixed and matched stuff and used vibrant colors. I like giving guests a hint of the dinner theme, which is why I also decorate the entrance to my home,” says Dulce.



Culinary Background

“I graduated with a Hotel and Restaurant Management degree from St. Scholastica’s College and then studied culinary in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. I also worked as Executive Chef for Via Mare from 1989 to 1993. After I got married, I ended up doing home entertaining since my husband is a hotelier and we entertain people at home often,” says Dulce.

When her husband was posted in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, she also got exposed to learning and cooking different cuisines. She also researches about different recipes, and tries new ones. She adds, “I adjust the recipes according to my taste. I also customize the menus according to the client’s preference.”



Hassle-Free Home Entertaining

Since 2015, Dulce has been offering private dinners for a group of 10 to 12 at her home. She offers various cuisines and also customizes menus for her clients. “I offer cuisines such as Middle Eastern, Mexican, Southeast Asian, European, Classic Pinoy, or Pinoy with a twist,” says Dulce.

Her private service provides guests with a hassle-free group party as her dinner includes a wide spread of dishes and a fully decorated place that matches the theme or cuisine. She also serves cocktails that go well with the food.

For the Middle Eastern dinner that she was hosting at home, she prepared orange and pomegranate Bellini drinks, Mezze dishes such as Hummus, Moutabal, Muhammara, Chicken Gizzard Sautéed in Pomegranate and Molasses, Beets with Dill and Labneh, and Arabic and Za’atar breads. For the main course, she prepared Beef Kofta, Chicken Shish Taouk, and homemade Couscous with Chicken and Lamb Merguez. The desserts included Baklava made with almonds, pistachios, and walnuts, Apricot Coconut Truffles with Orange Blossom, and a tower of chewy looking round pretzels called Kransekake, an almond-based Swedish dessert. Dulce has been making this dessert ever since her daughter was young, and it has become a staple at her dinner parties.

Dulce mentioned that apart from having private dinners at her home, she also caters dishes for potluck parties. The Crispy Roast Pork Belly is her signature dish for food orders. The name of her home-based food ordering business is “A Table” (à table), which is French for “dinner is ready or dinner is served.”




Clients need to reserve at least a week before the event. For potluck party dishes, clients need to order at least three days in advance.

For inquiries and reservations for private dinners and food orders, email or contact mobile phone number +63917-8621800.


Photographs by Paulo Valenzuela, courtesy of Metro Home & Entertaining