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Holiday Menu And Entertaining Ideas From Erwan Heussaff


Since Christmas is just around the corner, French-Filipino entrepreneur Erwan Heussaff, who is known for his popular food blog called, shared with Metro.Style some tips for entertaining friends and family. Using Samsung digital appliances at his kitchen in his co-working office space called Hectare One, Erwan was able to prepare various dishes efficiently.

Samsung's refrigerator and Smart Oven


Creating a casual and homey table setting

Erwan and his team created a homey but festive table setting at the lunch get-together set for select guests. A mixture of red, white, and pink roses combined with lush greens on wooden crates were used as a centerpiece, and white plates paired with dark blue table napkins complemented the other colors in the table setting. A long wooden picnic table worked well with the casual tablescape.

The atmosphere made one feel like going to one’s home where a spread of comforting dishes are served for everyone to share and enjoy.

Erwan enjoys entertaining friends and family with dishes he cooked and prepared himself. “I wanted to prepare something homey and casual. So it will be a family-style lunch," says Erwan.




A holiday feast was created by Erwan Heussaff using Samsung’s refrigerator and Smart Oven, and the dishes include roast Filipino-style ham with some sourdough bread and egg, pork roast belly, popcorn chicken, brown rice with wagyu and aligue, a warm salad composed of kangkong, tomatoes and eggplant, and a matcha ice cream with muscovado rice crispies mixed with desiccated coconut.


Erwan Heussaff, Brand Ambassador for Samsung Digital Appliances, created various comforting dishes apt for the holidays.



Saving time through digital technology

“We at Samsung know that our consumers, as family men and women, have unique needs. We understand the pricelessness of being able to spend quality time with loved ones, especially in this day and age. This is why we make sure to always deliver products that will help Filipinos make this possible," says Jun Filart, Samsung’s Vice President for Consumer Electronics.

During a discussion about the changing times and the need for companies to innovate, he also shared how the onset of digital technology is changing the way consumers use their appliances at home and that Samsung’s advanced technology enables busy people to have the convenience of using their mobile phones to start some of their smart digital appliances, like their Samsung air conditioner even before they arrive home.


Jun Filart, Vice President for Samsung Consumer Electronics