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How-To: Create Your Own Grazing Table With These Four Expert Tips

When you’re a hostess, you’re always eager to impress your guests. From the home décor to the food, everything should be perfect!

But hosting parties at home can get stressful, especially when you run out of fun, stylish, and unique entertaining ideas. 

If you cannot prepare every single detail yourself, lucky you, there are now suppliers you can rely on to make your party memorable for you and your guests.



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The term "aperitif" refers to an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to whet one's appetite. But for this new and exciting business venture, "aperitif" has introduced and championed the culture of grazing in the country. Aperitif Catering was only founded by Karla Zulueta in August 2016, and yet it has now become a staple and a must-have for many hostesses. The appetite-whetting factor of the term remains, what with Aperitif Catering's visually rich, expertly styled food setup.       

But if you're feeling a bit creative and have some time on your hands, try and do your own grazing table. And who better to ask about creating a beautiful spread than Karla. She believes in the power of cheese and cold cuts to transform your table. “It’s always the first one to be finished in the table!” she exclaims.

Here, she exclusively shares with Metro.Style her formulaTake notes, ladies!


1. Begin with a nice table to work with. Karla treats her table as her canvas, and the rest are her paint. So make sure you have a smooth, beautiful working table. Pay extra attention to the foundation!



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2. Invest on pretty utensils, too! Don’t scrimp. It’s all in the details; they must all look good together, from plates to glasses, serving spoons to knives. Try not to overlook the smallest parts.



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3. Put all your favorites in one place. “Put in different kinds of cheese and cold cuts. And fruits. And any of your favorite food that looks pretty, put it in there. I believe there are no rules!” Karla shares.



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4. Mix and match different elements. Mixing-and-matching applies to entertaining as well. Make sure the colors, the props, and the food complement each other. Decide on a theme, and work around it. The grazing table should look abundant and festive.



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