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This Sweet And Savory Spread Is A Must-Have In Your Next Party

Father’s Day is a few days away—and what a timely story this is! Influencers and sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso recently launched their fragrance line, VV&Co, and we found out it's a business that was actually inspired by their dad. 

What began as a childhood affinity for their father’s lingering scent when he gave them a kiss goodbye has inspired the two to come up with their very own fragrances. Sensorial memory is indeed a powerful phenomenon that can link our sensory experiences to nostalgia. And one day, while traveling, Vern and Verniece caught a whiff of that familiar scent their dad once wore, right in the middle of the department store! That's how VV&Co. was born.


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Recently, Vern and Verniece collaborated with stylish supermom and entrepreneur Cat Arambulo-Antonio for a new fragrance line for their brand. At the launch of their new scents held at Ann Ong's store in Shangri-La The Fort, the two chic hostesses prepared for their guests a delicious spread. Their guests included Nicole Hernandez, Kelly Misa, Sam Godinez-Valenciano, Duday Tuason, Diane Bullock, Patty Arambulo, Yuki Tansengco-Higson, Maoui David, Vanna Garcia, Bianca Santiago, Ernie Sy, Bobby Yan, Grace Ang, Mons Rumolo, Roxanne Farillas of Plains and Prints, Monique Jamlang, Celine Lim, Kai Lim, Marga Nograles, Michelle Tan, and Jam Chan-Cua. 


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Guests enjoyed cocktails and nibbled on a Savory Naked Spread from Naked Patisserie which, apart from the fragrances launched that day, was one of the highlights of the event. “Our guests enjoyed the spread as much as they enjoyed learning about the scents. We loved the Strawberries n’ Cream Cake and we saw that the food was almost wiped out before the event ended. We didn’t even need to decorate the venue so much," Vern said.

Aside from various types of cheeses such as brie, sharp cheddar, gouda with chili sambal, gouda with green pesto, smoked gouda, pepper jack, there were also different cold cuts and meats, fruits, tortilla chips, and Naked Patisserie's best-selling Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles. Crowd favorites were the Roasted Chili Ribeye, Southern Chicken Salad, Deviled Eggs, and Creamy Garlic Dip topped with Roasted Walnuts. 


Photographs by Joseph Gatz